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Monday, September 29, 2008


Jack O'Lantern tricked the devil by luring him up an apple tree, then carved a cross on the trunk so the devil could'nt escape untill he promised Jack he would never send him to hell.
After living a life of Freedom and Joy he died, could'nt go to hell, but God sure did'nt let him in after the life he had! So where to go? He thought to himself, when the devil, just to tease him, threw him an everglowing ember from hell. He carved out his favorite root, and put in the everglowing ember from hell and found his Own Way ever since.

Cailleach, the old three faced Mother of All stirs her magic wand in the Cosmic Cauldron of Life and Rebirth. This magic pot holds infinity's primal soup of Plenty and never emptied.
Creating, destroying and constantly transforming and renewing Life.
She washes her plaid in this Cauldron during fall, untill it is crispy white and ready to be laid out over the world in winter. even dead hero's end up in it and are made whole by it in the Otherworld.

This night was considered the perfect time for divination and fortune telling.

As a ritual for purification people would walk between two bonfires, or dance around one to please the spirits.

During this festival just after the last harvest, people would weave harvest love-knots from reed, straw, wheat or corn and give them to the One to marry in spring during Belthane's festival.

The children would be protected from evil spirits by disguising as one to blend in.

To spare the house another year, the harvest would be shared with these spirits, and offered to them, and the disguised children posing as these spirits.

For more protection a devil's face can be carved out of a root or pumpkin and hung outside, to scare evil spirits away, while the light inside serves to guide loved spirits home.

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  1. Yes, it was very special samhain celebration at the hoop...I was very pleased to be part of the opening ceremony.


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