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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Power Flower ~ Conducting the Serpent of Light ~ chakra 1 to 3.

The Vehicle for Ascension and Sustainable Living is here!Power Flower's Revolutionary Woven Construction is a stable, flexible Stargate Super Structure.Using this system, a dome can be constructed from any naturally growing material, using the connection piece I just finished designing.There is Information contained in these Lines.This super structure is equally efficient at power distribution on all levels of creation.It transforms the Sacred Triangle of Hierarchy to the Round Hoop!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bradley Lude's Versal Synergy in 3 dimensions by Paul Bruno and Edward Smidt

Bradley Lude, the designer of Versal Synergy, contacted me through Dan Winter's facebook page, after me and John Bucher released the secret to free energy on the world wide web. He had just discovered a numerological code and had just connected the dots, and he contacted me to see what we would make of it. It reminded me a lot of Marko Rodin's genius work, but Bradley had never heard of him before. Me and a computer-wizzard friend, Edward Smidt were just working on a 3 dimensional representation of the Power Flower ~ Conducting the Serpent of Light ~, and were totally inspired by Bradley Lude's great discovery, and saw it could be expanded into 3 dimensions, so we did it! This is God's Diamond, the Universal Mind Lattice, a static state of all possible possibilities, through which consciousness travels. By changing perspective all experience is generated.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Grand Unified Field Theory

Paul Bruno: It seems to be an unwritten Law, that no one should ever like their own post on facebook. I totally disagree with this hypocracy and have experienced that one can not TRUELY LOVE ANYTHING THAT ONE HAS NOT FIRST SEEN, ACKNOWLEDGED, AND SHARED FROM INSIDE OUTWARD RECOGNITION OF THE ONE AND SAME TRUE SELF.

Saturday at 11:26am

Paul Bruno: Apocalyps = un-veiling in Greek. That seems to me a plausible explanation of what is going on here now on facebook, as described in the Book of John: WWW.P0WERFL0WER.BLOGSPOT.COM
Saturday at 11:33am

Paul Bruno: Dan Winter, who celebrates his anual turn round the Sun today, says fractality = self reference = THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY!!!!!!! And is the REASON WAVES COMPRESS.
Saturday at 11:40am

Saturday at 11:43am

Paul Bruno: PSYCHE = SOUL = BUTTERFLY (in Greek).
Saturday at 11:48am

Paul Bruno: Implosion Nuclear Phi-6 according to PIPHI.
Saturday at 11:58am

Paul Bruno: ‎0M!!!!!!! The uninhibited Breath of Grace must go outward from the Vac-0M, to the Vac-0M before it can TRULY INHALE FREE ZERO POINT ENERGY!!!!!!! AUM AUHM AOHM OHM 00hm 0.
Saturday at 12:32pm

Paul Bruno: The Sound (Phi = V-bration) of Silence into IN-PHI-KNIT-E ( = SECRET TO FREE ENERGY AND LIFE!!!!!!!)!
Saturday at 12:43pm

Paul Bruno: Our True Face is EMPTYNESS. 9 from numerology and new maya calender, and also the symbol 9 referres to the empty side of the Taoistic Unì-Vers-All (uni = 1, verse = song) Yin Yang Symbol (69).
Saturday at 12:56pm

Paul Bruno: At 10 the 0-cycle actually repeats itself as it has come to the conclusion that NOTHING REALLY EXISTS and that is the EXACT POSITION of OUR STARTING POINT IN THE FIRST PLACE! Repeat untill go. And so ALL OF CREATION SPRUNG OUT OF NOTHING! The never reaching 'the' End? Not this Cycle that 'ends' at 21-12-'12, because NOT ALL PLANETS IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM ALIGHN TO THE COSMIC BLACK HOLE THEN, BUT THERE SHOULD BE 'A' TIME AND WE CAN CALCULATE THAT.
Saturday at 1:23pm

Paul Bruno: May I present to you 'my' Grand Unified Field Theory: IN RETROSPECT.
Saturday at 1:29pm

Saturday at 1:30pm

Paul Bruno: The Matrix meets The Lawnmower Man Part ?
Saturday at 2:11pm

Paul Bruno: I hereby conclude these 14 (UN ?) O-RING-GEN ALL (?) COMMENTS by Paul Bruno.
Saturday at 2:20pm

Paul Bruno: AND I LIKE ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday at 2:30pm

Friday, November 5, 2010


The date announced for the biggest tests yet at CERN are on the 9th November - 9/11/10 - way more than a coincidence this is the Sept 11th 01 date exactly mirrored - they have admitted it may create strangelets and atoms which have never existed on earth - plus timewave zero shows huge novelty from this date - too many things aligning for my liking... what do you think?
Quoting:The Dollar is dead 1140872
click here for more inphy phi pho phum.

I just discovered this news and it connects in a BIG WAY TO WHAT HAPPENED WHEN WE RELEASED FREE ENERGY ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB!

Here's what happened:
On the night of Samhain, better known as Halloween, I reacted on a link I got from Dan Winter on Facebook, and he also sent me an email with a direct link to it here: *
I admired his resume (perhaps because it totally resonated with everything I knew about it, and have shared on this blog in the past about Samhain), and so I reacted through Facebook to tell him how marvellous it and he was.
Then someone else, John Bucher, also reacted on his link, so I received a message about that saying:

John Bucher: Wow yea Dan I designed a battery as a sphere using your formulas!!!
October 31 at 6:39pm · UnlikeLike · 1 personYou like this.

John Bucher It will have alot of concentrated energy.
October 31 at 6:40pm · Like

I liked it!
And I asked him to be my friend and if he would like to tell me more about that battery.
He confirmed my request and here is the conversation that followed:


Between You and John Bucher John Bucher October 31 at 10:09pm
Yep I worked at Exide (battery plant in US) and learned how to make batteries.
Just remember to freeze dry the paste to
the plates, this will make the battery last 100 times longer. Also take care to insulate all wires properly, this is very very important, and take care in bending all plates to a sphere configuration. This is alot harder than you might imagine.
Looks like Dan is right about some stuff.

Paul Bruno October 31 at 11:11pm
very interesting! I never made batteries, but work with the same geometry Dan describes. I just posted some new pictures in my facebook profile showing a wet spot for 3 years, 24/7, in the central pentagon of what I call Power Flower.
Do you
have more info, pictures or website about these batteries?

John Bucher October 31 at 11:55pm
Well here is the deal, I designed 3 different prototypes initially targeted to be used for our Trident Nuclear Submarines so you see I cannot post this stuff on the internet because of national security issues. I know these could be used to power electric cars but yet again powerful forces controlled by the Oil industry does not want this technology out there.
Big Oil controls most of our politicians. So things will have to get real bad with world wide oil supply before the public is allowed to use this technology. I initially designed the batteries using Einsteins theory of relativity and E=MC2 however I have noticed that Dan Winter's formulas fit the functions of the batteries perfectly.

Paul Bruno November 1 at 5:20pm
wow! nice to hear about this first hand! thank you for that. I would off course love to know more, I imagine you are talking about using
planck length x time x Phi = frequency for hydrogen?

John Bucher November 1 at 7:40pm
Yes it ties together with the E=MC2 Einstein stuff and relativity. Basically it is all about compresson and or aconcentration of force that provides a multiplication effect. Like an explosion that goes inwards. Alot of technology outthere that governments and big business dont want people to know about but when a national crises happens they mightchange their minds.

Paul Bruno November 1 at 9:31pm
when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro-facebook quote.
implosion using fractal pathways to 'cold' nuclear fusion?
I am also most interrested in the shape of the domed surface.
is it like a pinecone?
I have designed a connection piece to construct a dome in this structure from any natural material,
preferably bamboo, for selfsustaining shelter for when crisis happens.

John Bucher November 1 at 11:13pm
It seems that certain insects like bees can control gravitational fields. Also time warps and travels at differents speeds around bee and wasp nests. Check it out.

John Bucher November 2 at 4:47am
hey fusion is extremely easy to do by anyone. If you be real nice I'll tell you how to do it.

Paul Bruno November 3 at 10:11am
i would really LOVE to know more about it, and if i can DO it... part of my vision for my travelling dome project is to use it to promote and exibit working alternative energy sources, preferably run the whole show on it. although I never built batteries but I have studied 'free' energy generally. tell me more!

John Bucher November 3 at 4:52pm
Free energy is easy to achieve and is considered the best secret in the world. Here is how it goes. Water can break down into HHO with electrolysis however it has been the biggest mistake of mankind to think electricity breaks down water molecules. Electricity cannot do this. It is magnetic current that does this that accompanies electricity. Magnetism is what breaks down water into HHO. Do it with magnets. There ya go free energy!!! Take the HHO and put it into a bottle and feed it thru an acedelene torch. It will burn at 10,000 degrees, the same temp as the surface of the sun and cause true fusion. Take the acedelene torch an fuse together ferrous and non ferrous metals or plastic and ferrous metals.
this could only be done at the center of a nuclear blast. Well there ya go. You have your work cut out for you,
Paul Bruno November 4 at 1:18pm
wowowow! Thank you! I am going to try this!
Just magnets for breaking down the water molecules?

No special frequency, pulses or shape of magnetic field?

John Bucher November 4 at 3:09pm
I am not aware of any special frequency, pulses or special shape of the magnetic field however there are some things you should know. You need to have two beakers coming off the water. The bubbles that form near one magnet will be pure oxygen and the bubbles that form near the other magnet will be pure hydrogen. This way you can separate the hydrogen from the oxygen. Also the bubble will be something called magnetic bubbles but will only have one pole. They will not be Dipole. This is very rare in nature. A monopole magnet. This is the secret to free energy. Enjoy!

Paul Bruno November 4 at 7:03pm
Thank you so much for sharing this! So simple and beautiful!
Tao's Yin-Yang knew this Secret all along...
How come by
using two magnets that each have both a positive and a negative end,
the balanced water molecule splits up into one
negative half going towards one balanced magnet, and the other positive part going towards the other balanced magnet?
Should I turn one magnet up and the other down?

John Bucher November 4 at 7:55pm
No have the positive end of one magnet pointing to the side of a test tube of distilled water. On the other side of the test tube have a negative side of the other magnet which points towards the positive side of the other magnet on the other side of the test tube. You might have to add a little pinch of baking soda or paint thinner to get the chemical process flowing smoothly. The bubbles that form from near one magnet end, I think negative, will be pure hydrogen and the positive I believe, will be pure oxygen. Collect the bubbles in containers as they float to the surface. They are called magnet bubbles but only have one pole. Well there ya go. The world's best kept secret. You could use the hydrogen to run cars, power plants (instead of nuclear) or anything. FREE ENERGY!! You got the ball, now run with it.

Paul Bruno November 4 at
9:11pm I will!!! and see how we can all run with and on it too! experiments start a.s.a.p. How do Dan Winter's formula's
fit into this simple technique then? And what about bending spacetime?

John Bucher November 5 at 12:09am
If you use just magnets it is a slow process. Use electromagnets and the process goes much faster. All science weavestogether, Dan Winter's formula's are part of the overall part of the scientific puzzle. I don't think Dan understands the importance of magneticism in the construction of our universe.
Time travels at different speeds around bees and wasps

nests. I don't know why. Also certain insects control gravity fields, I don't know how.
You know they always said it was
impossible for Bumble Bees to fly. Flowers and bees nests put out some kind of electromagent field for the bees to find their nests and flowers easily.
It could possibly be used to enable the blind to see as a technology.
I'm working on the

Paul Bruno November 5 at 1:13am
This is all so interesting! Did you discover how to pull the water molecule apart with magnetism yourself? I will share this info as soon as I have confirmed it by my own experiments, I will just say I had a revelation from the book of John if you don't want me to mention your name. Could you tell me just how Dan Winter's formula's fit the scientific puzzle? One thing the bee's abilities made me think of is a strange experience I once had: I was under influence of LSD, when I noticed that column of mosquito's was following me around everywhere I went, hovering 1 to 2 meters above my head, then when I mentioned this to my girlfriend, their flying-pattern changed from an orderly choreographed dance, to a more chaotic structure. I was quite amazed at this inter-species communication, so kept on trying different sounds and they kept reacting. I don't know if it means anything to you, but as I never heard anyone else about this phenomena I thought I'd mention it.
Later I repeated
the experiment (sober) with similar results.

John Bucher November 5 at 1:32am
No please go ahead and use my name please. The guy that discovered this was Einstein's best friend who taught physics in Austria. He escaped the Nazis to the states with Einstein in the 30s. He discovered this in 1946 but the scientific community didn't want anyone to know about it because of the way their technology was used for war purposes. think Hiroshima.
Dan's formulas fit into this but he still doesn't understand the importance of magnetism.
Don't use LSD. It was
discovered in Switzerland in 1946 by a chemist. It was growing on wheat and he synthesized it. It was determined that it's only constructive purpose was to destroy a persons ego and ID. This is used only in psychotherapy to destroy a persons ID and ego so the troubled person can build another one from scratch. It will not give you any insights!!! Do not use it! It is very dangerous. Don't use drugs period. You will achieve alot more in life.

John Bucher November 5 at 1:39am
But yep insects can warp time and gravity. I know so little of how this works.

John Bucher November 5 at 1:40am
especially honey bees and bumble bees and wasps and mud dobbers.

Paul Bruno November 5 at 2:19am
I am sorry to differ with you about lsd, because it is exactly this loss of ego that offered me many insights. I
have taken it many times, but true, it is never easy, and achieving a career in the regular structured society,
and mainly financially has not happened for me, but I have Great Liberty. I live on a farm that I squatted for 4
years, off the main electricity grid and use solar panels and fire for heat and cooking. I have no income or
insurance and can't wait to put this technology to use and share

Paul Bruno November 5 at 2:19am
I am sorry to differ with you about lsd, because it is exactly this loss of ego that
offered me many insights. I have taken it many times, but true, it is never easy, and achieving a career in the regular
structured society, and mainly financially has not happened for me, but I have Great Liberty. I live on a farm that I
squatted for 4 years, off the main electricity grid and use solar panels and fire for heat and cooking. I have no income
or insurance and can't wait to put this technology to use and share!

Paul Bruno November 5 at 2:25am
Do you know the name of Albert Einstein's friend?

Paul Bruno November 5 at 2:46am
Just how much do you want me to mention about you? Nothing about the Trident connection? I am planning to share this info as far and wide and clear as possible. Is that o.k. with you?

John Bucher November 5 at 4:18am
Ok Einstein's friends name was Dr Felix Ehrenhaft. 1879-1952. He was an Austrian Physicist and came to the states with
Einstein before WW2 to avoid the gas chambers as he and Einstein were both Jewish. Check all of this out so you know I am
not bullshitting you. Einstein and all the other scientists felt betrayed that their science was being used to make
nuclear bombs to destroy humanity. In 1946 Dr Ehrenhaft discovered that water could be seperated by magnets. Einstein and
other scientists discredited Dr Ehrenhaft in order to preserve the secret for fear this science would only make more war
weapons. In 1947 Dr Ehrenhaft went back to Austria and taught physics till he died in 1952. Check this out on the
internet. You will see I am not bullshitting you. Yeah go ahead and use my name it would be fantastic. Use the Trident
thinggy too if you wish but as you progress there is trouble. That is Big Oil will do anything to keep this a secret and
out of the hands of the public. Any I mean anything. If you do not sell out they will take you out by any means necessary.
Remember Tesla and his free energy tower? It was burnt to the ground so electric companies could make money through power
lines and charge you money. They cannot charge money if it goes through the air for free. Go ahead and use my name. It
would be fantastic.

Paul Bruno November 5 at 9:14am
I have come to the conclusion that there is one universal law and it
is Balance. Taoism, alchemy and all the ancient mystery schools share this, and many other commmon roots of insight. I
think that having this insight equals Illumination. This insight automatically ranks every other value at least second to
this Primal Axioma. It means the Universal Balance can never be destroyed or even tempered with. This excludes moral
judgments about right and wrong, and also war and peace or life and death.

Paul Bruno November 5 at 9:41am
Our story comes full circle somehow as my mother was saved by the atom bomb when she was
starving in a Japanese prison camp in Indonesia. I believe the Illuminati look at the world in this ultimate balanced
manner beyond good and evil. After many ego deaths I have come close to agreeing, but remain peculiar about preserving
life on Earth. I am willing to give my personal life up for this goal and have already done so in many ways. I love life
and will die for it, so have no fear for Big Oil.

Paul Bruno November 5 at 10:11am
I will check out all your facts as soon as I have the Power to charge my laptop. Ironical
is'nt it? My solar panels and battery are too old and there has'nt been any sun for a week, and, indirectly Big Oil has
already boycotted me, into a financial tight spot, but I am creative, and the Times they are changing... Sent via Facebook

Paul Bruno November 5 at 10:20am
Why would this only work on water molecules?

Paul Bruno November 5 at 10:41am
I believe our solar system is changing and heating up all planets in it, including ours.
This is the main cause behind global warming and not CO2 emissions. I believe this fact is known by the Illuminati, and they too, decided to do anything to preserve life on Earth, by letting cheap commercial flights as well as special aircrafts, spray aluminum dust clouds around, as a sun block to reflect the light. This could be done much better by using monoatomic gold.

Paul Bruno November 5 at 11:12am
Big Oil and Bigger Bankers currently own most of the gold. As they will soon be unmasked
by the Masses, what better thing to do with the gold than to atomise, and redistribute it, for the general preservation of
Life on Earth?! Humanity coming to this conclusion seems farfetched on one hand and inevitable on the other. I will do
what I can to help humanity come to this conclusion. I believe this conclusion will unite all and everything and is part
of global, and cosmic evolution with it's peak 21-12-2012.

Paul Bruno November 5 at 11:56am
This is when our planet is crossing the Galactic Equator and making water burn is 'just'
one manifestation of this process as I see it. I also saw pictures of how the magnetic poles are shifting all over Earth
now. Looks like we're in one hellheaven of a ride!

Paul Bruno November 5 at 1:13pm
I did it! I posted our conversation on my blog at> and put a
link to it on facebook and mailed it to everyone of my contacts. The first step is taken, now we will see it unfold...
Good luck! http://www.facebook/ www.facebook Share

John Bucher November 5 at 5:37pm
Hmm maybe I can help you with your power problem. What you do is buy electricity from your local power company. Hook up
your solar panels just after your power meter. During the daylight hours your solar panels will make the meter run
backwards and you are in effect selling power to your local grid. During the night the meter will run forwards and you
will use the credit you stored on the power grid during the daylight hours. In other words your power grid will function
as your battery. Only use your real batteries when there is not sunlight for long periods of time because of bad weather.
Between your power grid and your local batteries you should have continuous power and never have an electric bill.

Paul Bruno November 5 at 5:45pm
It would be a good solution if I had any income, but better to go Free all the Way! Also
considering the environment, I really wanted to push myself to look for alternative energy sources. It looks like I am
getting closer to the Well of Plenty!

John Bucher November 5 at 6:02pm
Well you now know the best kept secret in the world. Even the illuminiti and the Freemasons don't know this secret. This
is the secret Einstein took to his grave and is really to bad. This secret could have helped mankind alot. No nuclear
power stations, no coal burning power stations, no gasoline burning cars. Really too bad. Alot of people will do anything
to keep this a secret. To let it out will endanger your life. The public needs to know.

John Bucher November 5 at 6:12pm
Let me explain my last statement. You might think if no one knows of this then why would they do anything to protect the
secret. Here is the deal. Big oil, big energy will protect their jobs and investment. They do not know the secret, however
they will attack anything that threatens their money making interests. Dan Winters does not know or understand this
hydrogen water breakdown principle.

Paul Bruno November 5 at 6:27pm
It is true, this is the market mechanism you are describing, and these Corporations have started a Life of their own, a
life that DOES NOT SERVE ANY HUMAN OR OTHER LIFE FORM. There I find my Hope, because all these corporations are made up of
PEOPLE, that are all feeling jammed into a life NOT ONE OF THEM ever chose, or ever WOULD CHOOSE.
Not even the "Lucky
Few", who are entangled in this Web of Destruction ever look like they ever feeling real love or joy.
It all happens out

John Bucher November 5 at 6:38pm
Unfortunately alot of corporations and people use the comment "we have to do what we have to do in order to survive" as
the basis to break every law of God and man.

Paul Bruno November 5 at 6:45pm
Exactly! And that is just why these people
might "Choose Life",
when it becomes clear that "doing what we have to do" is endangering survival. It is my trust in this
evolutionary mechanism that feeds my hope.

John Bucher November 5 at 7:15pm
Keep faith in God and Jesus! All will be well.

Paul Bruno November 5 at 7:16pm

[John Bucher]
I am making an exeption today and I am running on my little generator now, see how long it will last...
[John Bucher]
That picture of me is from 40 years ago when I was a senior in high school. I'm 59 now and alot older.
I know
It was for your reunion
[John Bucher]
Like I said you can hot wire the power grid and get your solar panels to feed the grid.
you look like someone I would like to be friends with today
[John Bucher]
I would research Dr Felix Ehrenhaft if I were you so you know I am not bullshitting you.
you need to make a contract with them first right?
I did
[John Bucher]
Yes but you need a meter also so it can flow backwards.
my problem is I cannot make any contracts, because |I do not have a bank account that I can use
[John Bucher]
Do you have a checking account?
I am living on virtually no budget for the last 5 years
[John Bucher]
You need to open one up and go from there.
I get most of my food from the container of the local supermarket
[John Bucher]
That way you would not need to use your generator or batteries except for when the sun doesnt shine for long periods of time.
they throw away what is expired and I eat it
I know
[John Bucher]
You have a wife or children to support?
excuse me a second my dog just got loose.
6:30pmJohn is offline.
6:30pmJohn is online.
no problem
[John Bucher]
I have to capure him before he causes trouble.
good luck
6:31pmJohn is offline.
6:36pmJohn is online.
[John Bucher]
what country u in?
well anyway you now know the ultimate secret. See if you can do anything with it.
[John Bucher]
ok dog is caputured and on his tither.
I saw photos of him/her too
looks like real love
[John Bucher]
He likes to chase cars and if I dont' keep him on a chain he will get run over. A beautiful Beagle we found abondoned.
i have a cat and 2 hens 1 cock
had 4 horses, sheep, cow before too (send as a message)
Your chat message wasn't sent because John is offline.
6:52pmJohn is online.
[John Bucher]
But anyway alot of people here in the states want to know the secret for unscreplous purposes. I thought I would tell it to you.
i am most honoured
what made you decide to?
[John Bucher]
People here in states are very greedy and will put the screws to everyone else. Maybe you can get this knowledge out there and not have peoples lives in jeapordy.
A good way to end up dead here in the states.
I have envisioned all of this
[John Bucher]
People will kill for this. Just it justly.
use it justly
I know
[John Bucher]
I exagerate not.
a few days ago I saw the ORIGINAL zapruder film
[John Bucher]
whats that?
about kennedy?
the original is zoomed out further, and you SEE THE DRIVER BLUNTLY SHOOT KENNEDY IN THE FACE!!!
[John Bucher]
Well Kennedy wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve which is owned by the World Money BAnkers not the United States and started pulling out of Vietnam. So alot of people of high power wanted rid of him.
6:58pm (send as a message)
Your chat message wasn't sent because John is offline.
I KNOW ALL ABOUT IT : (send as a message)
Your chat message wasn't sent because John is offline.
November 5, 2010 7:01 PM
Paul Bruno said...

John Bucher November 5 at 8:12pm
Don't believe the William Cooper stuff. Some of it was true but some of it was a fake.

Paul Bruno November 5 at 8:16pm
do not believe in believing, but in experiencing, but it seems plausible they killed him, just before 911, because he was saying things that got a little too close to the truth, when it was just the time they did;nt want any hints in that direction.

John Bucher November 5 at 8:42pm
To show how some of the Cooper stuff was bullshit he proposed we had a bomber on the moon and that it was already colonized on the dark side. He showed pictures and all. Alot of bullshit there. Like I said some of Coopers stuff was right on but alot of it was a fake to get attention and lectures going. Read the book Behold a Pale Horse by Cooper and you will see what I mean.

Paul Bruno November 5 at 10:23pm
I hear the strangest things about the moon. like how it is
impossible to pass through the Van Allen Belt of radioactivity, and the first moonlanding was directed by Stanley Cubrick!

John Bucher November 5 at 10:43pm
Nasa has just invented a way to put gas thru a nozzle outside of a spaceship, a type of plasma that will protect astronauts from radiation. Similar to the way we are protected from radiation from the sun here on earth.

John Bucher November 5 at 10:46pm
Oh yeah something else, the people that did all that 911 stuff were all trained here in the United States.

Paul Bruno
November 5 at 11:52pm
...was an inside job. bush's brother owns a security company that went into wtc 3 days before 911,
and sealed two floors, so no one could enter after, the floors that went BANG! just before they exploded, firemen going up the stairs to save people, broke through the sealed doors and found what looked to them like explosives, strapped around the pillars! Later the molten steel showed signs of nano-glycerine, some high+=-tech explosive...then don't get me started
about building number 7, the one some streets across from wtc, the one that exploded even without any planes in sight, or the pentagon attacked by a plane with no wings, or wing engines, leaving a single clean round hole with nothing left or right of it (where the wing engines should have left at least some mark) etcetcetc......

John Bucher November 6 at 1:06am
Wow, yeah also they've had so many chances to capture or kill Bin Ladin, but they don't want too because that is the excuse for being over there. If we killed him the public would demand forces come home. How discustng.
Yep sounds like
inside job.

John Bucher November 6 at 5:02am
Read everything you can on Coral Castle in Homestead Florida.

Paul Bruno November 6 at 10:31am
I studied it a while back, but funny that you mention it because it confirms my latest theory of:
HOW THE PYRAMIDS WERE BUILT. here it goes: all the worlds megalith structures from stonehedge to easter island to pyramids and also coral castle are made of big stones that share one quality: they all exibit piezzo-electric effect: pressure to rock translates to current & visa versa, used in microphones: airpressure soundwave trans to electr. visa versa: used in speakers: electr. trans. to movement/vibr.
Sent via Facebook Mobile

Paul Bruno November 6 at 11:13am
this also explains the perfect fitting building blocks because you can probably work on
the blown styrofoamed rock easily, and then position it. I see these egyptians now, in stead of slaving to build it, now whistling with two or three blocks floating from strings like balloons!

Paul Bruno November 6 at 12:00pm
Lately two scientists made some interesting discovery's about this effect using ultra
short frequency at high voltage: they noticed a milky cloud appearing in center of transparant crystal. when they measured after total size of crystal had grown slightly, then they tried again with tiny crystal 1x2x1.5mm and higher voltage: this time the crystal structure got blown up to become a white bricksize lighter than air! anti gravity! this brick could lift up to 25kg!!! So I made the obvious conclusion.

Paul Bruno November 6 at 12:13pm
This also explains the perfect fitting building blocks because you can probably work on the blown styrofoamed rock easily, and then position it. I see these egyptians now, in stead of slaving to build it, now whistling with two or three blocks floating from strings like balloons!

Paul Bruno November 6 at 1:27pm
shrink to fit!

John Bucher November 6 at 5:47pm
Well here is what going on. I am also a musician. My friend makes all strings for all instruments. Everyone else just puts their names on his strings. Gibson, Fender, Martin etc do not make strngs. There is alot of technology there. His father invented the hexacore string and my friend invented the octacore string. About a month ago he had me test strings that were considered DEAD. One set of strings were wayyy too tight wound and that is when I discovered the Holy Grail of strings. It was totally saturated harmonically. That is every point on the harmonic scale had harmonics that would easily pop out. From this all strings for all music instruments will be made differently to achieve Hi Fidelity. Now on to Gravity. It occured to me that gravity is nothing but a wave like light and everything else in the electromagnet field. To make a long story short I determined the frequency of gravity waves and am currently determining mathematically all the harmonic points of gravity waves. Once all harmonic points of gravity can be reproduced it should be possible to control gravity.
What do you think? I am working on this now.

Paul Bruno November 6 at 8:54pm
I think of nothing else! The string that was wound way too tight, did it look like a fractal spiral, a spiral made of spirals made of spirals etc.?
Do the harmonic points of this gravity wave coincide with Dan's formula's?

Paul Bruno November 6 at 9:24pm
My Power Flower project all started when in 2004 on LSD, I made love spin in a gyroscopic
fashion between my fingers and as it accelarated it turned into a solid ball of matter that I could not compress. I made Matter and I knew how too! Eversince then I am looking for ways to share this knowledge, translating that experience to this dimension was hard, but very inspiring. I find thìs pattern everywhere and it seems we are all talking about the same thing, but calling it different names.

John Bucher November 6 at 9:26pm
Well the string looked like a normal string but it was wound waaaay to tight. It actually had a Octacore center. I thought it was a Hexacore. Well anyway we repreated the experiments with a group of Hexacore and a group of Octacore string of the low E note sixth string. It ended out that the Hexacore was also totally harmonically saturated and was alot moresaturated than the other 5 Octacores. Next I put on the overwound Octacore and it too was totally saturated on every pointwith total harmonic saturation. I'm sure Mapes Piano String company will make many millions of dollars from my discovery.
And yes the string did look like a fractal spiral. That is when I realized that the waves of gravity have harmonic points.
I'm using the same math that determines the math of music strings to determine the harmonic points of gravity and also Hydrogen.
Once all harmonic points are determined, Water/Hydrogen should be able to be torn apart with just sound waves and
we can delete the magnets.
Also hopefull gravity can be manipulated. Hopefully.

John Bucher November 6 at 9:27pm
Yes Dan's formula's right on.

Paul Bruno November 6 at 10:56pm
Dan found that planck length x time x phi = hydrogen = smallest atom. planck is smallest wave is length x time. so smallest atom is smallest wave x phi. phi is only infinite wave. very basic. then starting from there I am sure the whole periodic table can be found. every next harmonic scale up of electron spin will generate a new element, with a particular size and weight and colour and sound.

John Bucher November 6 at 11:08pm
You have to know about the physics of music to know how this works. The frequency of hydrogen is exactly 1,420.4 MHZ one octave up which would be the next harmonic would double the frequency and be 2,840.8 MHZ one harmonic lower would be 710.2 MHZ. Now do you understand? By determining the total harmonic scale of hydrogen and how it can be saturated means means you can control it. Same with gravity, to the best of my limited knowledge. LOL

John Bucher November 6 at 11:11pm
Also if you want to play this note, (Frequency) you can hear it on a guitar or piano. It roughly falls between F and F#.

John Bucher November 6 at 11:11pm
It is the frequency of hydrogen.

Paul Bruno November 7 at 3:30am
CRYSTAL CLEAR! So, let's play that tune! Race you to the
moon and back?
I am involved with some friends in a group of artists and ex-teachers (like me) who
are using 432 Hz, in stead of the standard 440 Hz that was installed by the Nazi's, because it makes a more harmonious scaling.
We are working on a 3D animation: Power Flower ~ conducting the Serpent of Light ~

John Bucher November 7 at 5:30am
Well anyway here's how things go to the best of my understanding. Everything runs on a frequency, hydrogen, gravity, which waves are really long, and on and on. Every frequency has a harmonic scale that if exploited to it's full extent can be manipulated. You ever notice the picture of Ed Leedskaluin building Coral Castle standing beneith poles shaped in the letter A? Check this picture out. Also his manuscrips if you connect all the dots the letter A appears. Do you think he is trying to leave us a clue? Also all cells have a frequency that resonates with pica farrads. When the cell mutates to cancer it resonates at a different frequency. Can we use this knowledge to kill just cancer cells. Perhaps, I don't know yet.

Paul Bruno November 7 at 8:38am
Tesla also worked on resonance therapy and built the Multi Wave Oscilator for
Lakhovsky and also Rife would check under his special microscope how each cell responds to what frequency and then choose to heal it or blow it up. Also new experiments (with animals) they found the frequency to make teeth regrow that still have rootpoints, need to wear it in your mouth for 2 months.
I think Coral Castle used Ultra Shortwave Frequency at high
voltage on piezoelectric limestone to blow up the molecular structure.

Paul Bruno November 7 at 9:02am
But blowing up molecular structure so it becomes lighter than air, and float up is different from manipulating gravity waves with oscillator.
If gravity waves exist, but Dan describes how just because
everything is fractal, IS why gravity exists. Self-similarity attracts.
I see the shimmer of the Trancendental Object at
the End of Time. Every action an attempt to capture it. The Light at the End of the Tunnel, pulling us through Time.
If we
reach it we are One with the Light and dead as we know it.

Paul Bruno November 7 at 10:07am
The trick is not to bite your tail when you reach it, but to choose for your Higher or
Lower Self and start weaving. Our DNA currently looks like a double helix, this signifies our polarized nature. From this polarized meta-structure there are three options: 1 go for unity 2 stay polarized or 3 go for trinity. My Power Flower structure shows how. But this is really new info and therefore hard to understand. The animation I am working on should make all of this clear. My suggestion is to transform our DNA.

Paul Bruno November 7 at 11:40am
Once through the Power Flower Trinity Portal to Infinity, we can go 3 ways again: 1 go
back to duality 2 stay with trinity or 3 go for quadruplicity ad infinitum. My suggestion is to go for a split into ZEVENNESS to alighn ourselves with the Light without having to die first. BUT: every transformation FEELS like dying because you leave ALL you know, and dive into the Great Unknown! This is because NOBODY can EVER look outside of their REALITYTUNNEL because CONSCIOUSNESS IS ALL THAT EVER EXISTED.

Paul Bruno November 7 at 2:00pm
Did you know that the double helix DNA structure was discovered by Nobelprize winner
Francis Crick who used LSD as a tool for his research to open his mind up to new possibilties? Then many years later the way to effectively work with DNA was further developed by Nobelprize winner Kary Mullis, who still openly admits he would never have come up with the Polymerase Chain Reaction (P.C.R.-method), if he had never used LSD, because it enabled him to 'stand right on the molecule and watch the effects live'.

Paul Bruno November 7 at 3:48pm Share

Paul Bruno November 7 at 4:11pm
Wow!!! I understand now better what you were talking about before when you said your Holy
Grail String was DEAD!!! Off course it was dead, because it COMPLETELY ABSORBED ALL ENERGY/VIBRATION!!! That is why Dan Winter says:

John Bucher November 7 at 5:24pm
Wait one, there is a misunderstanding about the strings. The one that was overwound was the only one that was totally alive and Hi Fidelity. All the others were dead. Now here is how matter in the universe behaves. Space is not empty. It is full of matter. A whole bunch of it is sub atomic in size. Now here is how subatomic matter behaves. It forms itself into waves. Waves vibrate and cause oscillations. Magnetism is the precurser to electricity in our universe. DNA merely shaped itself and twisted to follow along magnetic current fields.
That is why it looks like it does.
Our Devine Creater did not
make us perfect. That is, why not give us two hearts like we have two eyes or two arms. Why only one liver? Why only 2 sets of teeth, we sure could use 4 or 5 sets. Free is good and anything I find out or discover I will give freely to the world and not profit from it. You are really cool.

John Bucher November 7 at 5:40pm
OK I'll share another secret with you. If you want to know how the universe really operates then study PI not PHI. Dan Winter does not understand the concept how mangetism interacts with science and he is constantly looking at PHI where as PI is where he should be looking.
PI runs everything!!! Study it thoroughly!!!!

Paul Bruno November 7 at 6:14pm
is no secret to me, and I already told you I do not BELIEVE anyone.
So if you want to tell me how PI runs everything then
I am ever ready,
but have you studied my last posts where I explain how the Universe REALLY operates?
Sent via Facebook

Paul Bruno November 7 at 6:31pm
How dìd you find out about the secret way to split watermolecules with nothing but magnetism?

Paul Bruno November 7 at 6:37pm
What are pìcca farrads?

John Bucher November 7 at 7:41pm
Where to start. It is like this, even though many people see the universe like Dan in relation to Phi and all of it'sattributes the phi is mostly understood as a two dimensional concept. PI better helps understand the universe as a 3rd, 4th, and possibly 5th dimensional concept where in time and gravity is accounted for as factors in the evolution of theuniverse.
It is especially good in understanding the spherical natural of the universe.
Did you hear that Time and
The universe is spherical in concept and includes 3rd, 4th, and possibly 5 dimensions perhaps more. Pi takes this
into account, where as Phi does not include these concepts entirely but does partly.
Let's see I was working on a car that
could run on water and noticed that there was trouble getting enough power with standard electrolysis to split the water efficiently.
I was also working on batteries shaped like spheres while working at Exide.
This is an entirely different
story as the car is now being devoloped in Florida.
My experiments led to Ehrenhaft.
Let me tell you this. If you use
standard magnets you will initially think it does not work because the process is soooo slow. You have to use powerful electromagnets to get the process flowing. Use electricity but only thru the magnets. The wiring around the magnets and
electrical charge will make the magnets many times more powerful.
Lets see Picca Farrads. Ah yes, electricity travels
through the body at about 200 miles per hour. When your brain tells you to close your hand that is the speed at which the electricity flows through your nervous system.
All cells run on electricity in order to operate. When electricity that
travels at 200 MPH is confined to a very small area like a human cell then it is stored as a small amount of electricity
called a Farrad. It is so small it is called a Picca Farrad and actually runs and operates the cell by commands given to it by the nucleus of the cell. Now these Farrads running around at 200 mph in small cells set up an oscillation as they are running around at very fast speeds conducting operations like allowing the cell to eat, expelling waste and moving the cell around. Every cell has it's own frequency of Farrad oscillation as each grouping of cells is different in size and function. When a cell mutates into a cancer cell then it will have a different oscillation rate.

John Bucher November 7 at 8:37pm
Hey don't be bugged cause I don't agree with everything Dan says. I feel he is dead wrong about some things. Hey Einstein was dead wrong about alot of stuff. He said the universe was static and when Hubble proved it was expanding and the blobs in our galaxy were in fast other galaxies Einstein said that was my greatest mistake. Yep I make mistakes all the time.
I'm wrong about alot of stuff, but hey I try my best and I give it all away for free and not try no make money off of it.

Paul Bruno November 7 at 9:09pm
Don't get me wrong, I am VERY GREATFUL on behalf of life in general, for the redistribution of Knowlege and Energy that was held back out of fear and ignorance.
You described how one single Picca
Farrad is travelling around the body getting passed on from one cell to the next cell. The Flow of Power.
This is how the
body stays healthy and whole. Any cel that does not directly pass this Power on to the next cel does this out of FEAR.
This is a natural process, and happens trillions of times a day,

Paul Bruno November 7 at 9:44pm
but as we all know, everything Flows (panta rei), and so this RESISTANCE to FLOW GENERATES ALL WE KNOW, but it has a DARK SIDE, and this lack of LIGHT will eventually be it's DOWN FALL. There is no escape within the confines of this POLARITY.
To end war, hunger, disease, death, fear, boredom, cancer, the Democrats, stealing, lying

etc. etc. etc. in other words anything NEGATIVE, would result in NONEXISTANCE/TOTAL ANIHILATION. It IS ONLY RELATIVE!
not otherwise.

Paul Bruno November 7 at 9:59pm
So the goal to end suffering only has meaning and sense on the personal, subjective level.
This redistribution of Free Energy is part of a Big Cycle, that is on one level, POLARIZED and we are now heading for the Big Moment of Unity, it will not last of course and after 2012 we will slowly move away from that point again.
Sent via
Facebook Mobile

Paul Bruno November 7 at 10:25pm
If I would be bugged about anything than it would be that you assume that me and Dan Winter
are the same person! The things you think about Dan don't concern me at all! I wish you would instead communicate with me, and read my posts and react on what you read there and not on what you assume , and then tell Dan what you think of him.
The fact that you limit PHI to 2 dimensions gives me a million clues about you. Then you don't even take
responsibility for your own opinion and say:
'many people see it like Dan, but most people see it like me' as if you can convince me with that.
If that is your argument for proving that 'PHI lovers are 2 dimensional', then to me you have proven that one can not see beyond the scope of ones own perspective and that also proves YOUR perspective that manifests itself in YOUR PROJECTION.

John Bucher November 7 at 10:30pm
Hmm let me see, let me explain the Picca Farrad is in every cell of the body. It is just electrons that control the functions of cells in day to day operations. It's all about electrons. Every living cell have to have electrons in order to operate. The electrons carry out day to day functions by a cell or organisms nervous or electrical system. The electrons must move along a medium of the electrical system and that is created by salt. Like electricity moving in a car battery has to have sulfuric acid the living cells must have salt to move in their cell. Each cell has thousands and thousands of electrons to control day to day functions. Each Picca Farrad oscillates because it is moving some times at 200 mph in a very tiny space.

Paul Bruno November 7 at 11:15pm
I am sorry for sounding a bit harsh, because, I am really very glad you are sharing all these things that I REALLY want to know and share on to others.
I hope I haven't offended you and would like to conclude
this by making clear that I don't worship Dan Winter personally but do share some of the conclusions he has drawn and
admire the clarity of his visualizations, so we can discuss those.

Paul Bruno November 7 at 12:10pm
I don't agree that everything runs on a frequency. Frequency is talking about the number
of waves per time unit. Therefore it is relative to time. That means that there is no sound or light without time. It would be meaningless. We need to exist in time in order to experience anything. To pull it out of the chaos of Totality. I discovered this while looking for the sound the Power Flower makes, because it is actually a wave function.
This spiraled
spin through ether sucks in matter to form DNA from 'nothing'.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 12:19am
You say our devine creator did not make us perfect. I say all is consciousness.
As I see
it the concept all is consciousness represents the 5D perspective, that came after the 4D perspective was made by Einstein adding time to the original 3D perspective of length x hight x width. Einstein never made it to the 5D perspective of quantum physics so said:
it cannot be that God is playing dice.
He obviously missed the harmony in chaos.
5D perspective
all is consciousness could never have missed this harmony.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 12:29am
You say empty space is full of stuff, I say all is consciousness.
Wherever consciousness
is, experience follows.
So off course it's full of stuff!
What else could you experience?
Consciousness pulls whatever out
of the infinite, whenever!

John Bucher November 8 at 12:36am
No I realize Phi is 3D.
But all of this doesn't mean anything because I am certain we are all wrong about alot of things.

One thing is for certain. Together we take take the worlds greatest secret and raise humanity to a new level.
For instance
this secret can raise African Nations from starvation and depravity to wealth and prosperity. It can allow industrial nations to spew only pure oxygen as a waste product instead of toxic fumes. It will free the world of coal burning power plants and cars burning noxous fumes. This is what we should concentrate on. We shall never know all the scientific facts and will disagree on alot of them. Lets us get the word out. This is not my discovery. It is Dr Felix Ehrenhaft's. Let us give this gift away to the world for FREE!!! This will help humanity alot. Let us concentrate on this and not minor scientific facts that we all disagree about.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 12:37am
There is no empty space AND there is no stuff. All is consciousness.
There is no life AND there is no death. all is consciousness. you imply a creator outside of you.
There is no inside OR outside. All is consciousness.

John Bucher November 8 at 12:40am
Lets get the secret into peoples hands and concentrate on this ok?

Paul Bruno November 8 at 12:51am
inside or outside are both relative ONLY to a THIRD party, the OBSERVER!
They do not exist without this observer.

To become conscious of yourself as being the observer is called self awareness.
This is NOT a general human condition. It is the biggest step increation and it happens on an individual basis.

John Bucher November 8 at 12:55am
Only by concentrating on the distribution and employment of the ultimate secret can we do a great deal of good in the world. Let us thinks of ways to make this happen.

John Bucher November 8 at 12:56am
And make sure it is done freely for everyone. Paul Bruno November 8 at 1:31am all is consciousness IS THE REAL SECRET!!!
That secret has provided me with FREE ENERGY ever since I realized it, but of course free energy has been a fact of life, ever since life began!
The fear of death only lasts untill you are dead, but life does not stop there,
experience is infinite.

To me you letting the secret out represents a point in your and global consciousness.
I am honoured to assist, and do not
believe in chaos or coincidence. chaos is merely misunderstood order.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 1:41am
If you think I can only learn from you, than WE stop communicating.
This whole free energy thing is about SHARING.

John Bucher November 8 at 1:51am
Life is a constant learning experience, you never stop learning and I am smart enough to know How very little I really know. My Ideology is entirely different from yours but wait there is more. I was once as you are now. Well not exactly, but everything you are came from a movement from the 60s in the states that I lived thru and we declared officially dead in 1970 with a ceremony in California called the Death of a Hippie.
All that you are was put to rest in America in 1970.
was amazed while in the Army when I traveled to your country and Germany and discovered the movement had come to life again. Again me and most of America has put most of your ideology and lifestyle behind us. Think of people like Steve Jobs of Apple and major heads of corporations now. They have all progressed and left behind entirely what they started.
deeply hope you do too.

John Bucher November 8 at 2:04am
But anyway I am very open minded and want to learn all that I can.

John Bucher November 8 at 2:06am
I like your ideas, but don't believe as you.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 2:19am
PHI is not 3D, PHI just like everthing else is as many D's as the observer's perspective.
Is time not an element of PHI?

John Bucher November 8 at 2:30am
Let me put it this way. Study Phi all you want and this is good and well but please do not discount PI and see if you can get your theories to fit both mathematical modes. If your models only fit one then something is wrong. Each mode of your models should fit mathematically both PI and Phi and interface properly. Paul Bruno November 8 at 2:57am I need to share
something to make things clearer: I have given up many luxeries so I could devote as much time and energy as possible for my life's mission: developping the Power Flower. I have always seen Free Energy as part of that project.
The project has
the mission to harmonize humanity with the cosmos and evolve DNA.
Maybe we can help each others project.
If you remember
correctly in my first contact with you I mentioned a wet spot 24/7 in central pentagon of powerflower. you never reacted. Why not?

Paul Bruno November 8 at 3:00am
I specially put the photo's on facebook for you to see.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 3:03am
static generator I called the photo's

John Bucher November 8 at 5:40am
Wait a second, facebook absolutely will not allow me to see any of your work. Maybe I'm being monitored. About the Pentagon I'll have you know I was a Captain in the Army during the height of the cold war and worked for NATO on two different occasions I'll have you know that it was I who placed all forces on the battlefields and the generals only blessed off on my plans.
I know secrets way above American Majestic. I know NATO top secret plans.
Also I am a loyal
Also know this, Exide about shit in their paints when I presented my plans for the Sphere Battery. When I first
presented my plans to freeze dry all paste to plates they refused because the life of an average battery would be increased from 5 years to 20 years and it would destroy battery plants as we know them. When they (Exide big dogs) saw the blue prints for the Sphere Battery they all literally went into a state of shock. They ask me exactly how the battery worked and how to assemble it exactly. I told them some of the details but not all.
When done they asked me only one
question. Had I patented it? I told them no. They then laid me off and would not let me back in the building to clean out my wall locker. They now claim they invented the battery. Also they hoped more blueprints were inside my wall locker. They
have taken total credit for my invention. However I did not tell them all the details of how the battery worked. The Russians hated me and sent a beautiful woman that looked like Pamela Anderson to seduce me when I was in East Berlin. I turned her down flat. I am a Desert Strom War Veteran and have been in mine fields, been gased by Sarin Nerve Gas and now
retired Army/National Guard. Also you've got it dead wrong about the Nazis. I was stationed in Germany for three years and know the Germans well. Only a very small percent of the German people were Nazis. The majority of Germans are highly intelligent highly just highly moral people. They invented the first reel to reel for the war, and some really good
leadership training courses. I trust them on the 440Hz deal but you must understand this is two octaves up from your intended note of 110 Hz. The next octave is 220 Hz. Now you see how this is very important because the note you have in mind does not reside at 440MZ but it is actual 110Hz, the open A string of a guitar. Now you see why it is important. Yes? I have tried many times to see your powerflower on Facebook but have been continually blocked. I am sure it is good information.
I don't know anything about a wet spot. Rest assured everything we type is being monitored.

John Bucher November 8 at 7:36am
Oh yeah now I've seen all those pictures on your home page.
Now tell me what exactly is the pratical application of these
How do you use them? What exactly do they do?

Paul Bruno November 8 at 9:16am
On the pictures called:' static generator', there is a wet spot in the central pentagon of the Power Flower.
It has been there non-stop, 24/7 for the last 3 years.
I believe it is acting like a coil with it's environment,
generating a torus shaped electromagnetic torsion field, that has a Vortex on the backside, and a Fountain on the frontside.
The wet spot proves this.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 9:33am
This spin is the Flow of Power, hence the name, but it might as well have been called Free
Power Flower. The woven structure creates a dome or sphere with minimum material v.s. maximum size in a ratio that is totally revolutionary.
It optimizes the the dispersion (flow) of power, only to be beaten by the Perfect Sphere. It is an

improvement of Buckminster Fuller's designs, rounder, more harmonic, automatically adjusting, against the rigidity of straight line triangles.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 9:44am
I designed a connection piece to make this structure from any naturally growing material,
growing from fat to thin. The ideal structure for when crisis happens: all you need to have with you is a backpack of these connection pieces and you can build your own permaculture village, wherever you lay your hat! Which is not a bad way to spend the crisis.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 9:53am
The structure can be made ranging in sizes from 8m. diameter to very, very, very BIG if
you have enough connection pieces. It represents a NEW SACRED GEOMETRY WITH INFINITE POSSIBILITIES!
Sent via Facebook

Paul Bruno November 8 at 10:02am
This new geometry represents a new material stage in evolution that comes closer to the
Perfect Sphere, GOD in laymans terms. Nature has ALWAYS used this structure and as we evolve we embody nature becoming self aware.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 10:10am
Free energy is nothing new to nature and it is a neglected fact that the calories a life
form uses do not come close to what it can generate in terms of energy.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 3:28am
Do you know anything about the standardizing of 440 MHZ done by the Nazi's?

Paul Bruno November 8 at 9:04am
Why is 110Hz (the open A string of a guitar) the note I have in mind?

Paul Bruno November 8 at 10:21am
Can you show me the patent Exide made, so I get a general idea?

Paul Bruno November 8 at 12:19pm
What did I say about the Nazi's that was dead wrong?

Paul Bruno November 8 at 1:18pm
What is reel to reel for the war?

John Bucher November 8 at 3:00pm
Let me put it like this F# is the center of the universe mathmatically and harmonically. It is the frequency of hydrogen from which all matter in the universe came from.
Matter came from exploding stars burning hydrogen, mainly the heavy
The lower elements came from fusion inside stars.
The A frequency and it's harmonics controls gravity.
ancient cultures think it is D frequency that controls alot of stuff. Germans are good people and smart too. Don't pin the term Nazi on everything the Germans do.
Reel to reel is the first tape recorder made by the Germans for WW2. I don't know
if Exide patented my invention but important things are usually not patented so no one can see.
Maybe they did maybe they

John Bucher November 8 at 4:11pm
Well ya know after reviewing your work I've come to the conclusion that you are right about the things you say and are doing, however it has manifested itself in nature in a way you cannot possibly imagine.

John Bucher November 8 at 5:12pm
Hmm ya know I have three proto types of the three designs I made here at the house.
I will take pictures of them so you
can see them and put them on my home page if you wish.
I didn't put all of the mechanical workings on the inside of them
in case some crazy breaks into my house and steals them but you can get the general idea.
If you wish?

Paul Bruno November 8 at 5:48pm
I wish!

Paul Bruno November 8 at 6:09pm
I would never make a moral judgment like that about German people.
In 1939 Nazi minister
of propaganda Joseph Goebbels dictated 440Hz as the standard tuning pitch, while the Stradivarius resonates at 432Hz and Mozart and Verdi wrote their music for that frequency.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 6:20pm
Never underestimate the Power of Imagination! But if you have any examples how my work has manifested in nature then feel free to blow my mind! LOL!
Today in the garden I had a vision of how we are all trapped

hydrogen that wants to go back to the sun and soon we will.

John Bucher November 8 at 6:29pm
Ok I am up loading the pictures to my computer now and in a few minutes you can view them. I will tell you more details about them after you view them. It would seem that what you have developed has already been manifested in nature in flowers. Flowers use your design to put out some kind of homing beacon to attrack bees and others insects to them so their pollen can be distributed more easily. I really don't understand fully how the beacon works, but I know bees and insectsuse it.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 6:42pm
hahaha! I do! that's how we met! and now my homing beacon is downloading your

Top-Secret designs to blow up the world!!!

Paul Bruno November 8 at 6:59pm
I hope I did't scare you now?

Paul Bruno November 8 at 7:15pm
I scare myself sometimes.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 7:58pm
You did it. You blew my mind. I asked for it.

John Bucher November 8 at 8:01pm
Ill have the pictures in about 30 minutes.

John Bucher November 8 at 8:02pm
For some reason the ones I had came out side ways. will redo.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 8:08pm
great! The story I told
before about the column of mosquito's hovering above my head that I was communicating with now also fits the puzzle!

John Bucher November 8 at 8:11pm
The best is yet to come.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 8:13pm
also about the anti-gravity, I did'nt want to tell you before,
but I phisically flew!
It was the Top of a strange journey in flying lessons that started in my dreams years ago and now
happened in REAL LIFE!!!!!!!

John Bucher November 8 at 8:51pm
Well back to the flower power, check this out, the same homing beacon that is emitted by your designs, and is used by flowers is also somehow incorporated into wasp and bees nests. You can put your hands near a mud dopper nest and feel a slight tingling sensation in your hands and other parts of your body. Once a person learns what the sensation feels like he can follow the beacon. You can be in a room entirely black and find a flower by following the sensation, even thoughyou cannot see it. I was hoping to use this as a technology to help blind people to find certain objects.

Paul Bruno
November 8 at 9:06pm
hahaha! now I know what I am doing! thanks for explaning! I live here on the farm in the dark mostly
and when I need something I follow my hands and I always surprize myself how perfect it works!

Paul Bruno November 8 at 9:09pm
also in wales last year a man learned me how this tingly feeling can show me ley lines and
I was better at it than him!

Paul Bruno November 8 at 9:11pm
I also communicate with trees and plants. actually what I called my vision in the garden today the trees told me.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 9:18pm
It all comes together now! so...where are the pictures?????

Paul Bruno November 8 at 9:28pm
did anyone make electromagnetic or kirlian pictures of patterns around beehives that look like my design?

Paul Bruno November 8 at 9:33pm we are the avatars of plants.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 9:45pm
I also saw today how every little branch of the tree follows an EM-path that looks like

John Bucher November 8 at 9:46pm
Ok I added of bunch of battery pics to my album pics. I also added a battery picture to my profile pic. Just go to my profile and look at all the pictures. You will recognize the sphere pictures, then we well talk about them.
Ask and you
will receive.

John Bucher November 8 at 9:48pm
Well almost no one in the world knows about the homing beacon. Only a few people even know about it. I thought I would tell you because basically that is what you are designing. There is alot more to it I'll tell you later.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 9:50pm
thank you.

John Bucher November 8 at 9:52pm
welcome, there is alot more to the technology you are working on but I'll tell you later, it might be too much to absorb right now.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 9:57pm
no no no! do tell more! are the batteries made up of segments of different materials interacting to create power?

Paul Bruno November 8 at 10:12pm
I designed a free energy generator in my mind that is also a antigravity ship through spacetime:
weave a powerflower from a tube, fill with water + iron powder, spiral a coil around tube, put power on coil, water will start spinning, g-force momentum will generate extra power, use power or feed power back to coil to spin faster untill gyroscope, g-force bigger than gravity and you are gone! physical merkaba!!!

John Bucher November 8 at 10:13pm
Actually I made them in or rather I painted them to demonstrate that these batteries can be made up of six compartments each. The same battery can be used for either water or electricity. They are all made of the same material. I just painted them to demonstrate that if you wish to use them for electricity they can make 12volt power or 24 volt if you compartmentalize them with 12 chambers.
They can also be used with water. Two way deal.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 10:16pm
so how do they work?

John Bucher November 8 at 10:19pm
Implosion, using the multiplication effect

Paul Bruno November 8 at 10:27pm
how? you put current on outside and with right
frequecy water turns to hydrogen and then fusion? how? tell me more please?

Paul Bruno November 8 at 10:41pm
harmonics multiplying in golden mean untill infinity, but matter stops before infinity
and turns to energy. and that you can finetune for using at home or going to the moon?

Paul Bruno November 8 at 10:48pm
I think this happens constantly in living flowing water, creating mini-black holes at the
end of every spiral that suck in energy from the vacuum.

Paul Bruno November 8 at 11:17pm
follow the yellow brick road

John Bucher November 8 at 11:53pm
Well here is the situation I am in. As you know everyone world over looks at the internet files, especially Facebook. Governments all over the world scan every word ever said and use what is said to their political advantage. One of these batteries could easily be converted into a bomb and take out a whole city. Now I don't have to tell you that right now there are hundreds of people in the middle east building bombs on a daily basis to bomb americans and american cities. They would love to take out New York City. In addition Russia and China would love to have this stuff. But there is more. One of these might be so powerful that it is conceivable it could create a small black whole the size of a pinhead. Just this pinhead would be so powerful it could pull our whole planet into it.
I cannot tell you on the internet the exact
physics or mechanics or electronics of how these operate. Do you understand and agree?

Paul Bruno November 9 at 1:13am
I thought that was the whole point to free energy!
but I do understand...anarchy, freedom...BOOM! I am not sure about that point either...have had doubts but have concluded Dan Winter is right after all!!! hahaha!
Because in the past I would get fooled into believing in my
realitytunnel while striving for the Light, that it would be nice to actually reach it, but this is illusion, because the Light is static and boring, so let's get as close as we can, and keep spiralling, but let's NOT REACH IT AND GO BOOM!

Paul Bruno November 9 at 1:26am
But I am still not entirely convinced that me not wanting the world to explode is a fear that is keeping our hydrogen stuck on oxygen while all she wants is BE FREE I think today the world is not ready for this Knowledge, but on 21-12-2012?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

John Bucher November 9 at 1:29am
No wait I'll tell you how to achieve free energy. Here is how it goes. Get distilled water and put powerful electromagnets on each side of a glass container. Add a pinch of baking soda or paint thinner into the water. Turn on the electricity to the electromangets. On the one side of the container that has hydrogen bubbles collect them into another inverted glass beaker. On the other collect the oxygen bubbles. You can take this gas and use it as energy. Also amaze everyone with the fact that you can make magnets bubbles and amaze them more that they have only one pole. They are monopole. They are not Dipole!!!! Also go and research Ehrenhaft's experiments and follow his experiments. There you go free energy. It will take
just a little bit of electricity to run the electromagnets but not much considering the power you are getting. Also you can take this gas and compress it into gas tanks and make true fusion here on earth!!! This has only been done before at the center of nuclear blasts or on the sun.
I'm not talking about cold fusion I'm talking about Hot Fusion. Use an
acedelence torch.
You will amaze everyone. Cut steel with an acedelene torch like a hot knive thru butter.
Hey this is how
Boeing does it now but they have to use standard electrolysis cause I havn't showed them the secret yet. There ya go. I'm just not showing you something on the net that other people could use to cause great harm in the world. You don't have to use electromagnets and can use regular magnets but it will go extremely slooooow.

John Bucher November 9 at 1:38am
No I'll tell you about how to achieve free energy just not how to make the battery exactly on the net for safety andsecurity reasons.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 1:40am
the tree told me today how we are all the same hydrogen that is
squeezing itself in the strangest curves to get back to join the sun again and how we are the plants moving parts
achieving that last jump for the Gold.
Follow the yellow brick road to nuclear fusion.

John Bucher November 9 at 1:47am
Well I gotta tell ya there is whole lot more to the technology you have developed so far but I wanna tell you about it later cause you have to absorb now all that you have learned so far and it is alot.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 1:47am

Perfect! Free Energy Part 1 To be continued...

John Bucher November 9 at 1:48am
Don't worry I'll walk you thru it!

Paul Bruno November 9 at 2:00am Do you know Terrrence Mc Kenna's Timewave Zero?
about PHI spiral in time ending in 21-12-2012 Time speeds up towards it, while matter makes quantumleaps at Phibonacci points (my addition). This means more experience per time unit. And YES! It was a jampacked day/week!
Thank you and good

John Bucher November 9 at 2:33am
Don't worry I have just stopped 2112 by my actions. All is well. The world will not end in 2012.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 2:53am
hahahàhaha!!! you arrogant prick!

John Bucher November 9 at 2:55am
I'm good and I know it! LOL

Paul Bruno November 9 at 3:13am
Go with the Flow, the drop said to the OCEAN.

John Bucher November 9 at 3:15am

Paul Bruno November 9 at 4:12am
that it doesn't matter much what the drop sais to the OCEAN, because the Flow will be.
que sara saraaaah

Paul Bruno November 9 at 4:35am
actually the (red birch) tree told me more today: as I swung on my swing I discovered a
Gate where once was a fat branch, but now a beautiful ripling scar. I put my hand there and a massive Flow connected us and then I realized that, EVERYTHING being RELATIVE, that it was irrelavant if we ALL go to hell and back!!! The sad part is leaving, but that does not occur then! It might still VERY WELL be a very INTERESTING TRANSFORMATION as the house of
mirrors unfolds!!!

John Bucher November 9 at 4:40am
Just try to be a good person that is all that matters.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 4:44am
the world can not end if it
explodes all together. it is a dimensional Gate.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 4:52am
you can't do wrong, that would be arrogance toward PIPHI.

John Bucher November 9 at 5:00am
Youve got your work cut out for you.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 5:04am but you CAN DO RIGHT! And that brings you right at

the crest of the Wave. No fear brings you RIGHT THERE where it's happening, feels like powerful but as soon as you want to divert that wave into anything else than PURE INTENT for small minded, fear based goals, it is gone.
was it the hand of
faith that seemed to fit just like a glove? ~Pink Floyd~

John Bucher November 9 at 5:06am
The important thing is where Pi and Phi came from.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 5:09am
what work?

Paul Bruno November 9 at 5:20am
they did'nt come from anywhere. they just cannot be different.
There is ONLY ONE possible
division (PHI) that can infinitely continue as a wave if you start with ONE(ness). And there can only be one and that is THE PERFECT SPHERE (PI).
Repeat until go.

John Bucher November 9 at 5:34am
Well it's your dream to get free energy to the masses. That is alot of work to make this happen. If I really was an arrorgrant pric I would only use this knowledge to enrich my self and mess over others which I am not doing.
Also you
wouldn't understand if I told you where Phi and Pi comes from at this point in time but you will a long time from now.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 5:34am
The seeming secret to the incomprehensable nature of PI lies in the attempt to capture the

PERFECT SPHERE in numbers. That will never happen, because numbers come from the realm of DIVISION and so can never capture the realm of ONENESS. That does not mean we cannot experience it, just that we cannot DO anything with it, it just is.

John Bucher November 9 at 5:36am
In the far future you will understand.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 5:43am
tut tut OUR DREAM.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 5:50am
my father used to always say that when he was out of arguments, the one thing he had left then was an age difference.
you got it.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 5:55am
I think I am ready for it now, so where do you think PIPHI came from then?

John Bucher November 9 at 5:55am
I try to help people in this world as much as I can but no one seems to understand. I'm sure we will all be judged.

John Bucher November 9 at 5:57am
I know where it came from but you will not understand until the future. I won't have to tell you it will be revealed to you.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 5:59am
cheap trick.

John Bucher November 9 at 6:00am
No for real. When it is revealed to you then you will understand.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 6:08am
it is late. I never meant to hurt your feelings when I said it is arrogance, it was a way of telling you my point through a biblical standpoint. let's keep it fresh! I go to dentist tomorrow root canal (mommy's money) and after continue with Power Flower 3D computer animation.
good night.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 6:16am
let me also ad that it takes one know one, I hoped we could laugh at the both of us.

John Bucher November 9 at 6:20am
Just remember this, you will see everything from a different perspective when you get older. You will realize that you were wrong about alot of things and you will continue to learn all of your life as I am continually doing. Your eyes will be opened much later on.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 6:36am
There is no end to experience, so my eyes will grow and grow, I
know. You see what an arrogant prick I am?
I still wanted to say that I thought it was sweet of you to want to sooth my
worries, but I want to go beyond embracing what I love and denying what I don't.
If I feel fear I want to go RIGHT THROUGH
To experience it and then transcend it.

John Bucher November 9 at 6:43am
I will tell you this much, a long time from now in the far far distant future I know of certain words that will come forth from your mouth that if I told you what they were now that you could not comprehend nor could you understand. But in the distant future after you have uttered these words and you have true understanding I hope you will remember me telling you

Paul Bruno November 9 at 6:45am
'It' is constantly changing, evolving. I am that I am, but I am becomming that I am becomming.

John Bucher November 9 at 6:48am
Like I said in the distant future after you are inspired to utter certain words you will have understanding and know the truth.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 6:51am
cheap trick still, because you should'nt have brought it up, just to win an argument.
In a case like that you just silently nod. get IT?

Paul Bruno November 9 at 7:14am
I know exactly where the problem lies, because I know my father and I am very greatful for
how he could'nt help it that he ALWAYS HAD TO BE RIGHT. He, as you, has a very intelligent, but rational mind. Ratio is greek for division and they used the term to describe the (balanced) relation between feeling and thinking.
But today it
is only used to describe the thinking side. This shows the unbalanced problem because in thinking there can only be ONE RIGHT ANSWER.
Therefore one is either wrong or right.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 7:26am
And therefor one can not relax and go to sleep until it is a proven fact that EVERYONE
ELSE IS WRONG. This makes co-existence impossible, so in order for me to BE, I had to fight for my right. And now I am good at that irrational fight, so I thank my father for sharpening my toungu and mind, but wish him to transcend this polarized mindset. The animation we are working on will make it all clear for everyone!!!!!!!

John Bucher November 9 at 7:44am
Well I told you some of the things you wanted to know and how to achieve some things. Now use this knowledge to achieve your goals.

Paul Bruno November 9 at 7:46am
To show faith when one feels fear is not to stand in TRUE FAITH.
True faith is LOVE.

John Bucher November 9 at 7:52am
The golden rule

Paul Bruno November 9 at 10:28am
We have layed Our Golden Egg. Now the world must hatch it out. But I feel I can still learn SO MUCH from you about the pica farrad's and harmonics etc.) and I hope you understand that it is out of genuine love that I want to take you, and your words serious.
It is a beautiful egg we are laying and it is
a marvelous team we form (of a not-nazi and a neo-hippy) so LET'S PLAY TOGETHER!

Paul Bruno November 9 at 10:47am
If we keep talking we will unravel this matrix to the core. That's for sure!
Revelations from the Book of John. You know that apocalyps translates to un-veiling?

Paul Bruno November 9 at 10:51am
Im Lak Ech! (I am another you)

John Bucher November 9 at 12:18am
I do believe you have figured alot of it out.

John Bucher November 9 at 1:25pm
I learn something every day

Paul Bruno November 10 at 12:22pm
Me 2! A friend just told me they were doing some test runs
at CERN when we released free energy on the world wide web!!!!!!!

John Bucher November 10 at 2:19pm Report
By tonight I will have finished the entire temperament scale for hydrogen!

Paul Bruno November 10 at 4:10pm
Yoopeeéé!!!!!!! Let the Games begin!
Sent via Facebook Mobile

Paul Bruno November 10 at 4:28pm
meaning that now we can make the localized hydrogen (at 1420,4 MHZ) sing or explode?
Sent via Facebook Mobile

Paul Bruno November 10 at 4:29pm
and fly?
Sent via Facebook Mobile

Paul Bruno November 10 at 4:40pm
check out this connection:
*** HUGE CERN TEST ON 9/11/10 - REVERSED 9/11/01 ***
Discussion about *** HUGE CERN TEST ON 9/11/10 - REVERSED 9/11/01 *** at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more!

John Bucher November 10 at 5:07pm Report
Well hopefully later tonight I will have deciphered the entire temperament scale for hydrogen. I will send it to you and you will put it all over internet please. If used properly mankind will be better able to contol hydrogen and some of the elements that sprang from it. Hopefully

Paul Bruno November 10 at 7:06pm
WOW! Will do!!!

John Bucher November 10 at 7:34pm Report
Hydrogen Temperament Scale
0 = 22.1938
1 = 44.3876
2 = 88.7753
3 = 177.5507
4 = 355.1014
5 = 710.2028
6 = 1,420.4057
7 = 2,840.8114
8 = 5,681.6228
9 = 11,363.2456
10 = 22,726.4912
11 = 45,452.9824
12 = 90,905.9648

Paul Bruno November 10 at 7:53pm
WOW! How come you only go six scales up and down in PHI ratio, starting from 1,420.4057 in stead of eight?
Sent via Facebook Mobile

Paul Bruno November 10 at 8:15pm
As in an octave? What happens if you continue further going up or down in PHI ratio?
Sent via Facebook Mobile

John Bucher November 10 at 11:53pm Report
Lets see I have a total of 13 scales to include the main one. I could go alot further down or up but I quit where I did because I don't think we have the technology at this time to include greater scale lengths as a means of control. I will include more if you wish. Tell me if you wish for me to add more and on which end?

John Bucher November 11 at 1:13am Report
Well next I would love develop a Gravity Temperament Scale. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to prove the exact length of gravity waves from earth and have been extemely fortunate to be able to prove two speeds at which the waves travel. I still don't know the oscillation rate. Search the net and let me know if you see it. I'll keep working on it.

Paul Bruno November 11 at 4:07am
I can calculate them on until in phi knit E too, but I wondered why you numbered them from 1 to 12 like that.
Can you tell me more about the two speeds at which gravity waves travel?

John Bucher November 11 at 4:42am Report
This is the temperament scale. How many whole notes? 7 How many half notes? 5 This equals 12. Two speeds? Static and the Speed of Light. Of this I am certain.

John Bucher November 11 at 5:00am Report
Earth's Gravity Temperament Scale (Expanded) By John R. Bucher
0 = 24.9144531
1 = 49.8289063
2 = 99.6578125
3 = 199.315625
4 = 398.63125
5 = 797.2625
6 = 1,594.525
7 = 3,189.05
8 = 6,378.1
9 = 12,756.2
10 = 25,512.4
11 = 51,024.8
12 = 102,049.6
13 = 204,099.2
14 = 408,198.4
15 = 816,396.8
16 = 1,632,793.6

Paul Bruno November 11 at 5:25am
Static and the speed of light? Nice one! Never heard it put like that, but I agree.
Sounds like PIPHI to me!

Paul Bruno November 11 at 5:28am
Where do you get these numbers from about Earth's Gravity Scale, and what do they relate to?

Paul Bruno November 11 at 5:32am
By what technology can we control the hydrogen frequency's?

Paul Bruno November 11 at 5:35am
Can you tell me more about the exact length of gravity waves from Earth, and how you prove them?

John Bucher November 11 at 5:36am Report
Well here is the deal. When I say Temperament Scale you know that means Frequency right? You know there are 12 notes in our scale right? You know these frequencies will control earths gravity fields right? Well you need to publish them. I expanded the Temperament Scale so those that don't understand music can comprehent the scale. Publish this Gravity Temperament Please! It is specifically developed to form fit our planet.

John Bucher November 11 at 5:37am Report
Let me correct myself the 12 notes in our scales will not control gravity however the harmonics of the oscillaton point will.

John Bucher November 11 at 5:43am Report
The exact length of gravity waves were proven about 300 years ago at the time of pendulem clocks and before we had an accurate system of measure ments. It is currently the best secret in the world and it is currently in plain sight to you and you have seen it and have known of it all of your life. How come no one else in the world does't know it. I figured it out on my own. Think about it for a while and I'll tell you later. It is very easy to figure out.

John Bucher November 11 at 6:04am Report
Hey please as NASA then the Russian Space Agency then Dan Winter if he can prove the exact length of gravity wave and what rate they oscillate at? Let's see if any one any where can attempt to answere and proove these question? I can answere and proove it! I want to challenge others to do so before I give away the ansere.

John Bucher November 11 at 6:05am Report
ask Nasa

Paul Bruno November 11 at 6:12am
Haha! Fractality in my, and Dan Winters view causes gravity.

John Bucher November 11 at 6:17am Report
Probably so, however in order to control it you must know its exact length and exact oscillation rate. I can tell you and prove it. I can also tell you and prove it for every individual planet in our Solar System. I challenge every one in the world to do this!! I will keep this a secret for now until someone can explain this. Come on Dan Winter, Come on NASA, come on all everyone. This will be fun.

Paul Bruno November 11 at 6:20am
until someone can explain it to you?

Paul Bruno November 11 at 6:23am
What do you think about the CERN connection?

John Bucher November 11 at 6:32am Report
The CERN connection has absolutely nothing to do with what we have discussed. They don't have to explain gravity waves to me. They can explain it to anyone. Just some one some where state the exact length of gravity waves and the exact rate they oscillate at? Can they prove it? I can. I will not tell any one the exact answere. I want to challenge all comers the world over. This should be alot of fun. Where are you NASA? Where are you Russian Space Agency? Where are you Dan Winter?

Paul Bruno November 11 at 6:36am
But there is nothing new to this challenge!
The only new thing would be if or that you can prove your theory.
I challenge you!

John Bucher November 11 at 6:42am Report
I hope you understand the importance of the temperament scales for gravity and hydrogen. These are the ultimate gift to mankind. Mankind can control all energy and gravity with these tables. I hope you will be kind enough to publish them. They are without a doubt the greatest accomplishment of my life.

John Bucher November 11 at 7:12am Report
Hmmm Ok I'll tell you this much. Every planet and moon in our solar system and universe has a different length gravity wave, to include the Sun and Stars. Every planet and star in our universe has gravity waves that oscillate at different rates. They are not the same. They are all different from one another. I have developed math formulas from scratch that can determine the gravity wave length and oscillation rate of any star or planet. Now that is soooo cooool.

John Bucher November 11 at 7:13am Report
I don't hear you NASA!!!

Paul Bruno November 11 at 8:06am
I publish it al a.s.a.p. was working on the blog all day and night, I rearranged all posts back into linear time and added links and pictures: WWW.P0WERFL0WER.BLOGSPOT.COM

Paul Bruno November 11 at 9:04am
we got linked: Making sustainable energy technologies come alive
“Our world cannot and will not become a permanently better place until free unlimited energy is available to all.” This site is dedicated to my notion that a disequilibrium of energy wealth distributed unfairly and capriciously can only be fixed by the statement above.

Here is the original Facebook text of Dan Winter's post:

Dan Winter Holloween:Fractal FUSION with Ancestral Memory Communion of Saints meets Electrical Engineering Holloween-Fractality: from the memories of Savage Mind.. comes the flame of fusion Fractality: from the memories of Savage Mind.. comes the flame of fusion - into the collective mind- the communion of saints... and so called "Objective Knowledge". October 31 at 9:00am · Comment · UnlikeLike · View
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o François Constanty genius at work October 31 at 10:09am · LikeUnlike
o Michelle Salt
Oooooooooooooh, that's interesting!!! Thank you! October 31 at 10:10am · LikeUnlike
o Paul Bruno All Hail to you for this
marvellous explanation!! May God hold you in the Hollow of His/Her Hand (fiVeness). October 31 at 11:01am · LikeUnlike
Maximilian Pfalzgraf Thank you, Dan for this amazing Halloween gift. If you analyse the consonants of that word by classical QBaLaH you get similar information. The sum of aleph-heh-lamed-vau-nun is 92. Ninety-two is a pentagonal number. There are 92 Johnson soli...ds. The snub dodecahedron has 92 faces, the most an Archimedean solid can have.... All letters
following aleph as mother letter are constructing elementals. The meaning of this constellation is "the breath that generates Human life force (immortality) is the unification (coitus) of action (energy) and emotion". This is old mystic stuff but I hope you like it. See More October 31 at 6:21pm · UnlikeLike · 1 personYou like this.
o John Bucher Wow yea Dan
I designed a battery as a sphere using your formulas!!! October 31 at 6:39pm · UnlikeLike · 1 personYou like this.
o John
Bucher It will have alot of concentrated energy. October 31 at 6:40pm · Like

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