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Thursday, January 12, 2012

3rd Eye Visions are REAL!

The fundamental origin of time and space is beyond time and space,
but we extrapolate our information from this infinite realm in time and space,
and sacred geometry is the Way we do that.
Time and space are generated by this sacred geometry, but in
Ultimate Reality there is only one central infinite unity, that cannot
be understood.
If you think of how the famous scene from the Matrix (click here to see)
was filmed, where he goes faster then time, and he dodges the bullet:
That scene was filmed by making a circle of camera's around him,
that all took one picture at the SAME time of the SAME thing, and then
they showed these pictures one by one.
In this Way they could extrapolate (more) information from that One space and time.
But if you would look at all these pictures overlayed at the same time and
space, then you would see NO THING.
I believe that is how our experience of spacetime is generated.
This circle can also make a different spin:

If this linear circle makes a gyroscopic spin, then MORE
information can be extracted from this SAME moment beyond spacetime.
The double helix can loop itself around by biting it's own tail, and
then forms this gyroscopic spin pattern. I believe that this spin
generates our EXPERIENCE of In Phi Knit Life, that is based on duality
concepts like life v.s. death, male v.s. female, space v.s. time etc.
while in reality these are united.
BUT: this spin can instead of making a double helix spin pattern, evolve further and make a triple helix gyroscopic spin pattern, hereby extrapolating EVEN MORE information about this SAME infinite moment beyond spacetime. This can continue to evolve further and further, and what this will generate is an In Phi Knit amount of Harmonic Spheres (shown underneath is a picture of Power Flower 5:7=O as a Harmonic Sphere).
What we consider to be our body has a fivefold geometry
that is divided into two halves by one axis of symmetry that 2gather form one whole.
I call the Sacred Geometry of this duality based lifeform Power Flower 5:2=O.
In Ultimate Reality there is no beginning/end to our body,
because the entire Universe is part of it, so this lifeform is
just one limited Way of understanding the unity of 1ife that contains in Phi knit aspects.
We need these limits to understand anything.
Genesis in the Bible says that God planted the Tree of
Infinite Life in the center of the garden of infinite lifeforms. Then
He planted a second Tree of Knowledge in that same center,
BUT: in Ultimate Reality there can only ever be ONE CENTER!
And in that one center, there can only ever be ONE TREE!
God didn't make a mistake, because we need that second tree to experience the first one, but we must understand that this second tree is an illusion, a projection of what we think we know about Life and the Universe.
This second Tree of Knowledge had a Duality Die Vision of In Phi Knit
Life, separating good v.s. bad, God v.s. Creation, life v.s. death,
man v.s. woman etc.
But we can evolve this knowledge further by understanding
the Whole E(nergy) 3 Knit E(nergy) of a new spin that I call Power
Flower 5:3=O Port All to In Phi Knit E(nergy).
After this Gate Way we can divide our fivefold nature even further.Might the Thorn Crown of Christ have had this Gnosis as a message all along, that is revealed now?


Although the rainbow spectrum seems to have 7 different colours that
we can all see and name, in reality there is no separation between
where red stops and orange begins, so they are still one colour, but
with different aspects to it. Our current Power Flower 5:2=O lifeform
has the ability to make these 7 distinctions with ease,
so after we step through the Power Flower 5:3=O Portal to In Phi Knit E(nergy),
we can assume the lifeform of Power Flower 5:7=O as our new lightbody.Here I have drawn and painted how the Power Flower spins relate to the chakra's (wheels) of our 7 energy centers that spring from the invisible Source beyond spacetime that contains infinite potential at Power Flower 5:0=Infinity:
At the base of the spine Power Flower 5:1=O the red root chakra's singularly circulating Lifeforce is brought into being,
and moving uP to the polarized harmony (duality) of our sexual chakra of Power Flower 5:2=O,
then moving further uP into the trinity spin vortex of our yellow Solar Plexus chakra at Power Flower 5:3=O,
moving uP to the central green heart chakra of the rainbow spectrum to Power Flower 5:4=O where our fivefold being now has four divisions or dimensions (3D space + 1D time), while remaining one infinite spin,
then at the blue throat chakra the Phi braid Ions separate into five independent but interwoven circles of manifestation by expression of the Word at Power Flower 5:5=5 x O,
at the purple 3rd eye chakra or pineal gland the five separated spins re-unite into one in Phi knit spin O gain in the place where all our inner visions are expressed at Power Flower 5:6=O,
and finally the violet crown chakra of Universal/Multiversal Unity Consciousness that expands beyond our existence at Power Flower 5:7=O.
Click here for Dan Winter's explanation of five spins inside seven spins outside alignment with the human heart, the hydro Gen atom, and the heart of the Sun.
The picture underneath shows the Power Flower 5:7=O where the Harmonic Sphere is stretched out like a flat disc by opening the top star, and closing the bottom star (or visa versa)
I believe this Power Flower 5:2=O spin take place inside
our pineal gland, that actually has photoreceptive cells lined on the
inside of it. Alex Grey has painted a beautiful picture of this.
Science has problems understanding why we have these lightreceptors
placed in the dark center of our brains, but if you consider that
Lifeforce emits light (biophotons), and this inner 3rd eye is filled with
DNA that lives in water, it makes sense. This gland produces melatonine at night
(duality of light v.s. dark),and DMT during birth and death (also duality).
It also produces this DMT when we dream at night, and if we activate it with
various techniques like Tantra (clickit for more info). Tantra involves elevating the Sacred
Sexual Energy of Creation that is otherwise polarized into male v.s.
female duality, to a higher frequency level or Die Vision of In Phi
Knit E(nergy), that generates a deeper/different understanding of U
Knit E(nergy). Also during dreaming we have this different
understanding of Life, but because the waking consciousness of most people has
this linear duality based Die Vision of Truth, what is experienced
during dreamtime cannot be remembered or understood.
I made the start of an animation upto Power Flower 5:3=O, together with a friend who wouldn't or couldn't continue further upto the Power Flower 5:7=O, to show these different spins and what they can do, but if one day I could finish this animation that I have visualized and scripted second by second and shot by shot, I believe the world as we know it would be Heaven on Earth for everyone that sees it (click here to see it).
I first discovered the Power Flower structure in a vision when I gyroscopically turned 1ove into a solid ball of matter during Earthdance in 2004, while I was unaware of the fact that in that same year Venus was in transit, passing between the Earth and the Sun. The last time that happened was 120.5 years ago, and that is happening again this year on the 5th or 6th of June 2012, and then won't happen again for an other 105.5 years.
In those 8 years between those two special transitions of Venus I have tried to introduce this structure (that is also used everywhere else by Nature if you get the eye for it, as is very evident in the sunflower, rose, cactus and the pine cone.) into the whirled in every way I could to bring this vision into manifestation and to share the great amount of insights into Creation it had given me, and felt that I should have succeeded in that the long predicted year of change of 2012.
In those same 8 years the planet of 1ove has completed an entire Power Flower in the sky as seen from Earth. click here for more information O bout Venus, the Heart and it's Rose):

Click here for a very good link that explains about the ancient relationship between the Venus blueprint and sacred spaces and temples. I am now busy working on a Power Flower Greenhouse that will make use of this harmonic self-sustainable structure to sustain my self in harmony with my environment, but I can't make it happen all by myself with my limited funds to buy the materials I need, and live to see the first harvest 4 months later, but I believe that by materializing it, and living by what it has tought me, this knowledge can be shared even better than by any virtual animation, so I simply have to go for it anyway I can!
That is why I have set up a crowdfunding campaign (click here to see my campaign and much more information about this application), that ended on the 5th of June 2012 when Venus passed between Earth and the Sun for the second time, to mark this special event in a synchronized Way of as above, so below or:
As 'A' bov,
so 'B' lov!

Greenhouses produce more food on a smaller space by making use of less water, so that is ideal for Africa, but most people here cannot afford it.
BUT by making use of Power Flower's woven harmonic structure, I can make a greenhouse from one long plastic tube instead of the expensive galvanized steel structure, that is used in the cheapest ones available, and in this way I will be able to offer the cheapest greenhouse in the world, that could be of benefit to many people, and there are already many people interested in having one, but I need to first show that it really works by building one for myself as a show-model.
Here is a small version made with PVC tube, but I will use a combination of PPR and HDPE for the big one with a diameter of 13 meters:
I may build this greenhouse in the garden of the people that rented me the house I live in now in Naro Moru, Ken Yah in a fair trade where I invest in the materials and they offer me the space to build it, and we will work there together and share the harvest.
I am also working together with Nancy, a woman I met in Nairobi, who is an expert in the traditional Masai local artform of beading and she is now making jewelery inspired by this Sacred Gnosis:She is now almost finished weaving these 7 strands into Sir Pent's Lightbody to be long enough to be woven into this We-Verse Matrix of the Power Flower 5:7=O that I made for her:The first Crown of Creation is now ready:

In Phi knit 1ove, 1ight & 1ife,


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