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Friday, November 19, 2010

Bradley Lude's Versal Synergy in 3 dimensions by Paul Bruno and Edward Smidt

Bradley Lude, the designer of Versal Synergy, contacted me through Dan Winter's facebook page, after me and John Bucher released the secret to free energy on the world wide web. He had just discovered a numerological code and had just connected the dots, and he contacted me to see what we would make of it. It reminded me a lot of Marko Rodin's genius work, but Bradley had never heard of him before. Me and a computer-wizzard friend, Edward Smidt were just working on a 3 dimensional representation of the Power Flower ~ Conducting the Serpent of Light ~, and were totally inspired by Bradley Lude's great discovery, and saw it could be expanded into 3 dimensions, so we did it! This is God's Diamond, the Universal Mind Lattice, a static state of all possible possibilities, through which consciousness travels. By changing perspective all experience is generated.


  1. WAUW!!!!!!

    Linkt met "iets" waar ik ook inzit...(sja, haha, wie niet, eigenlijk..?!)

    Grxtjes :::)))

  2. Just love reading here.....

    As Manies:
    i feel it linking & clicking...

  3. Paul Bruno
    Looking at the God Grid this morning I was convinced that there must exist a God Grid for every number system, not just the decimal system. So just now I made a test of my hypothesis by calculating the numerological reduction of a the 9 based number system, and it worked out beautifully!
    Then I remembered someone in this group saying he could make a pyramid of God Grids. Was he doing the same thing? Because you can.
    Like · · Unfollow Post · June 9 at 5:29pm via mobile

    David Bryson and Ben NewAccount Couwenberg like this.
    David Bryson EUREKA~! : )
    June 9 at 5:37pm · Unlike · 2
    Paul Bruno It has all the same axis of symmetry.
    June 9 at 5:45pm via mobile · Like · 1
    Mark Rossi ‎12345678 -87654321
    24682468 - 86428642
    36147258 - 85274163
    48484848 - 84848484
    June 9 at 5:58pm · Unlike · 1
    Paul Bruno This is fun! Here's the God Grid of the 8 based number system:
    June 9 at 7:29pm via mobile · Like
    Paul Bruno And the God Grid of the 7 based number system:
    June 9 at 7:39pm via mobile · Like
    Paul Bruno And the God Grid of the 6 based number system:
    June 9 at 7:47pm via mobile · Like
    Paul Bruno The plot thickens... lol! Heeeeere's the God Grid of the 5 based number system:
    June 9 at 7:55pm via mobile · Like
    Paul Bruno And the God Grid of the 4 based number system:
    June 9 at 7:58pm via mobile · Like
    Paul Bruno And the surprizingly little God Grid of the 3 based number system:
    June 9 at 8:02pm via mobile · Like
    Paul Bruno And ofcourse the cherry on top of God's cake is the simplest God Grid possible:

    I called the number systems by numbers according to my 'logic' assumption that the decimal number system means it is a 10 based number system, though that was not such a smart assumption, just a translation of deci, which means 10, but ofcourse our decimal number system is in fact a 9 base number system, so I named all of the God Grids wrongly, and so when I said '5 based number system', I should have said '4 base'.
    June 9 at 8:10pm via mobile · Like · 2

  4. Paul Bruno ‎, were these the same numbers the other person from this group used to make the God Grid Pyramid?
    June 9 at 8:45pm via mobile · Like · 1
    Paul Bruno You can ofcourse also extend the pyramid downwards, enlaging it's base, by making a God Grid based on 10 different numbers, that repeats it's sequence after the 10th number, but that is hard to write down, because you need to then invent a new symbol for the 10th number, like § for example, but then it will be hard to understand what is going on. The first row of numbers would then be:
    June 9 at 8:55pm via mobile · Like · 2
    David Bryson Christ Ian will know for sure, but I think they are the same numbers, Paul.
    June 9 at 11:28pm via mobile · Unlike · 1
    Paul Bruno Thanks David, I suppose they will be.
    June 10 at 5:08am via mobile · Like
    Christ Ian The pyramid levels produced were based upon the 'joining' of numbers in a 4 grid matrix.

    nice i.e.
    the 7227 square in the middle = 9
    1224 = 9 and so on...
    this was method 1

    method 2 looked at the difference between numbers, vertically and horizontally and then used the sum of those numbers.

    2 (1) 3
    (1) (3)
    3 (3) 6

    All and always based on 1-9 base numbers.
    June 10 at 9:25am · Unlike · 1
    Christ Ian This what Paul has done - is an entirely new concept as far as I am concerned. And I don't know how to take it in.
    June 10 at 9:25am · Unlike · 2
    Paul Bruno Cool! It really decodes the God Grid to a whole new level! I'll explain by giving the example of the now rightly named 7 based number system in the middle next to the 9 based number system on the left, and on the right the numerological reduction to a single number not exeeding number 7:
    Then make the multiplications in the 7 based God Grid:
    June 10 at 11:26am via mobile · Like
    Paul Bruno In the 7 based God Grid I now only show the number 15 that is the result of the multiplication of 5 x 3. Now if you look in the list above it, you see that what is called 15 in our well known 9 based number system, is called 17 in the 7 based number system, and if you numerologically reduce that number into 1 + 7 that makes 8, but because 8 in the 7 based number system doesn't exist, this 8 is now called 10, which is numerologically reduced to number 1.
    June 10 at 11:33am via mobile · Like
    Paul Bruno If you now check the God Grid of the 7 based number system, you will see that on the place I wrote the number 15 in the example, you see there is a number 1.
    In this way you can find all the numbers of all the God Grids based on any number system, and by doing this you can also clearly understand how the God Grid works. God Grid decoded!!!
    June 10 at 11:37am via mobile · Like · 1


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