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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Instructions for building Stargate Power Flower Remedy:

The Vehicle for Ascension and Sustainable Living is here!
A Dome can be constructed using the newly invented:
Power Flower Co-X-Ion Peace!!!!!!!
Presented, patented and tested on the Funny Farm at the Round Hoop on May First during Belthane Celebration of Creation, Love, Life and Light, with Every One's Help.
All the material is here and works.
Our flower child is alive and kicking!
A Star is born!!!!!
It can stand on it's own legs now,
but needs more support in growing and raising up,
before it can walk.
Pentagram diameter at birth: 10 meter.
Power Flower is a Mega Baby Star now,
with six points of assembly established,
connecting 34 bamboo's,
and counting...
This amounts to a dome the size of a tipi.

Patent No. 5555555 pending,
issued on Belthane!
click here for drawings
click here for dutch text

This self-adjusting crossing point adapts to any naturally available material and turns it into a harmonic home.
A set could be carried inside a back-pack.

.The structure is based on Sacred Geometry also found in the sunflower, rose, cactus and the pine cone.
This specific version is specially adapted for bamboo.
This Rose Cross harmonizes the polarized Flow of Power Distribution.
Ideal, but Real.
It unites 8 bamboo's in 1 turn and:

Heaven & Earth,
Humanity & Nature,
Straight & Round,
Male & Female,
Order & Chaos,
Above & Below,

Next step is the Power Flower Symbol:


Summer Solstice starts 21st of June at 05:55 GMT so we will start early with our
Power Flower Co-X-Ion Joint Forces Bamboo Dome Building and see how far, high and brown we get on this solar powered longest day of the year...
Help needed!


Performances start at 15:00
Stef, the Sjamanic Percussionist, will present this Glorious Live Jam for All to Enjoyn!:
(click here for dutch invitation)

Next Big Step for our Flower Child:

All together now!
(sponsors needed!)
May we cover the dome for sun and rain,
with canvas skin,
with solar foil on the outside,
and interactive nanoleds on the inside!!!!!
Party in the pineal,
and we're all invited!

Next Giant Leap for Mankind:

Power Flower World Tour!
Leaving a trail of Self-Sustaining Power Flowers along the Way to heal our planet.
This grid generates a magnetic field to protect the Earth from the Sun
(or else all Life will be consumed by the Light at the End of the Tunnel).
This Christ-All-Ization Proces happened before on Mars, but then without this Life Sustaining Harmonic Flow of Power!!!!!
The Star shows the Way:
Follow my Light,
Stand in my Shadow.

First steps of Power Flower World Tour will be taken at the 2nd World Congress of Biological Architecture and Sustainable Design in Wales on 3 & 4 October 2009!!!
Click here for more info.

Click here for poster.

Next Quantum Leap of Evolution:

Anti Gravity Device / Zero Energy Generator using Power Flower Nano-Meta Fractal Super String Structure:

- Weave a Power Flower into a strong Tube structure.
- Weave a Tube from this Tube.
- Repeat until Fractal Tube is Right Size, Strong and Impermeable to Fluid.
- Weave a Power Flower from this Tube into a BALL
- Fill the infinite structure with a magnetic Fluid,
or a combination of a non magnetic fluid + magnetic dust
(water/mercury + iron filings will do)
-Step inside.
- Let the Fluid Spin Round using Magnets.
- Let it spin at appropriate speed to counteract with Earth's Gravity Field.
- You are humming-buzzing ready for take-off into space-time!
- What are you waiting for?


(by Bruce Lipton)

Our DNA strings are currently known to be aligned as a Double Helix.
This helix crosses 5 times before it bites itself in the tail, and becomes a Double Helix Hoop (a pentagram with rounded points like the black tube in picture below).

Splitting the Hoop in two causes our Polarized Harmonic World/Body/Mind.
Our DNA strings can also split into a Triple Helix as shown in the Power Flower Symbol in picture below:
This shows us God's Perspective through the Holy Trinity of Past, Present and Future, all at once.
From here we can see we can choose to split our strings infinitely in the Multi Dimensional Universe or Multiverse.
A verse is a song or melody or any other expression of harmonic vibration.

A split into 7 to aligns our Body with our well known Universe.
It materializes our connection to the Seven rays of Light.
(5 spins inside, 7 spins outside)

The Rainbow Serpent Lives!
Venus Precession
This gyroscopic spin is what It is all about.
It generetes mass and life, and thus gives substance to the Cosmos

A view with the Earth in the center.
This video shows the orbit of Venus around the Earth over the course of about 8 years.
That is how long it takes Venus, the planet of Love, to complete an entire pentagram.


Everything that ever existed or ever will exist can only exist in harmony with every other existing thing or else it could never exist at all.

Everything starts with an E.

It's all relative to me,
so let's say:
Energy is E.
If I knit E,
you knit E.
But if I knot E,
we don't!
No matter,
if I knit knots,
if I knot knittings.
I will unfold
my naughty knots,

Tread the earth lightly,
but stand your ground!

Suck the marrow out of life,
but don't choke on the bone!

Go with the flow,
but ride the storm!


Power Flower's Revolutionary Woven In Phi Knit Construction System is an efficient, stable, but flexible Super-String-Structure of our Multi-Verse.
The Information contained in these Lines aligns YouWoManE.T. back to it's Roots, deep into Time, Nature, Consciousness, Creation, the Cosmos and God.
This structure is equally efficient at power distribution on all levels of creation.
It's gyroscopic spin can be applied to raw energy/love/consciousness and generates mass, the expression of all life and matter.
It turns protein strings into DNA, and is the Way Super Strings make Super Structure!
Nanotubes of carbon atoms, to large scale applications like bamboo render equal benefits.
This Super Structure also applies to social systems.
It transforms the Sacred Triangle of the Old Paradigm of Hierarchy, to the Holy Hoop, representing the New Multi-Dimensional Age of Divinity for All!!!

Why Power Flower? What is Stella Metaflortex Pinealis? David Wilcock explains in:
The 2012 Enigma

and: the Sequel:

need for powerflowers now!!!

spirograph: it's fun!

beautiful documentary about fractals: how a simple formula can generate a whole universe

the simple formula behind our universe

Dan Winter, connects the dots and uses clear visuals, showing the physics of love, life and beauty, caused by perfect distribution, self-reference and compression in phi ratio of the flow of power

click here for the power point visuals showing what he is talking about

Drunvalo Melchizedek initiated me around 02-02-2002 through his books, talks about Sacred Geometry, Merkaba and the Flower of Life

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