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Friday, March 13, 2009


May First

May the Road rise to meet You.
May the Wind be always at Your back.
May the Sun shine warm upon Your face &
May the Rain fall soft upon Your Fields & until We meet again,
May God hold You in the Hollow of His Hand.
May God be Everything.
May You be God
May You Bloom like a Flower this Cycle of Power.
May Power Flower Bloom this Loop of the Hoop.


It's a Matter of Spacetime:
Spring up, Fall down, to the Rhythm of the Hoop.

Belthane is up again, and coming on strong!
The Time to Bloom for Each and All under the Mighty Sun, no holding back this Time!
Celebration will start 1st of May at the Round Hoop, at Zero hour (OO:OO) & will continue until Sunday the 3rd.
Entree Fee: O,-
-camping possible-
(bring / B your instrument)

Ozmali, music for modern rituals
Satyr, from the Forest of Eleusis
Izmar Music
Sha-Man-X (StarGazer / Psy-bient)
Julius Joker Spppprings out of his Box!
Ozmali CD Release!!!
deco by Ozmali
tipi by Mixsikh of the Golden Temple
Urtica Spring Bud Soup by Nando
dome by Power Flower (stella metaflortex pinealis)
In cooperation with I & I Connections
Location: Funny Farm

Full On Gnosis:
(extended version No 1.)

Quit the Night and seek the Light of a Golden New Dawn.

This moment in Time has been celebrated by Life for as long as the Sun shines:

The young Woman of Spring and the Lord of the Waxing Year meet in the fields and rejoice together under the warm Sun.

Spiral Dance Belthane is the beginning of Celtic Summer, and like Samhain, it is a time to communicate with spirits, particularly those held in Nature.
The word originates from "Bel Fire", as Belthane is associated with the Celtic God of Light, Ba'al (belenus/helios/bel/hel=Sun), fires of/for Bel, the Shining One.

As above, so below.
Honoring the Sun with Fire, Dance and wearing Orange as Earthly representatives of the Solar Energy synchronizes our Cycles, and the Fire itself lends Life to the springtime Sun (synchronic resonance)
Young, unmarried people would pass through the smoke for seeing good luck or even leap the bonfire and wish for a husband or wife, young women would leap it to ensure their fertility and couples leap it to strengthen a bond.
Cattle were driven through the fire to purify them.Dances were held around the Maypole, the Axis Mundi with its roots deep down in the Underworld while it's branches strech out into the Heavens, a phallic symbol representing the planting of God's phallus into mother Earth's womb, illustrating the bringing forth of New Life.
The weaving around the Maypole makes a passage where the Spirit flies.
The weaving as well as the spiral have similar function as the Snake in the Tree, it acts as a mediator, connecting the different people/levels/chacra's/worlds/universes/dimensions.
The phallus and the World Tree are male aspects of God in relationship to the Goddess in the Cycle of Birth, Death and Rebirth.

The Maypole we use on the Funny Farm this year is 150 meter of interconnected, polarized, Bamboo.
May we weave this into One In Phi Knit Hoop for the First Time Ever??!!!
Power Flower (stella metaflortex pinealis)
Uniting Male & Female Power to Shine as One Star.
(co-weavers welcome for preparations from April 17th)

Celebrate Springs Explosion of Life, Love and Nature, and of the Energy that is Created between those that Love Each and Every Reflection of Their Selves.
Celebrate creation and attraction.
Reflect on how you can give birth to some new idea, or gift to yourself or others:
Reflect on how both male and female are each required to enable the creation of something new.
This can be adapted into Ying/Yang and Tantric practice.
Celebrate Belthane by taking pleasure in Life and enjoying the gifts of the Goddess from her Union with Green Man.
Green Man is found all around the world, and is related to natural vegetative deities springing up in different cultures throughout the ages.
His head covered in foliage, he is primarily interpreted as a symbol of rebirth representing the cycle of growth each spring.
The mythology of the Green Man developed independently in the traditions of separate ancient cultures and evolved into the wide variety of examples found throughout history.
It is an inate archetype of Humanity United with Nature or rather:

Human is part of Nature,
as the Head is part of the Body,
as the Thumb is part of the Hand.
Opposing the Four Basic Elements.
This 5th Element brings Nature into Perspective
As the inner 3rd Eye
does to All of Polarised Harmonic Creation we see Around us,
This Super Symmetrical Zero Point of View Unites:
the Power of One (Spirit, Unity, Light, Love, Positive, Change, and Growth)
the Power of Two (Division, Darkness, Hate, Negative, Fear, and Resistance)
As Light does to the 3rd Eye looking In,
as Emptiness does to Light,
as Consciousness does to Emptiness...
As EMPTINESS meets/meats/eats/experiences/realizes EMPTINESS:
The Cosmic Serpent of Light/Wisdom/Knowledge/Experience/Consciousness/Information bites it's Own Tail,
by Realising the Fundamental Emptiness of it's
Own Nature.
Thereby putting itself into Perspective,
Creating Nothing from Nothing, just for the lack of It!
Thereby setting the First Step of Creation:
One Rotation round its Own Axis,
the Center of Gravity,
where It All comes Down to.
Generating the Round Hoop or Torus of Self-Reference,
the Body of the Snake,
the Ori Gen of Nature.
With Space on the Inside, so you can look at it from all sides at once,
and Time on the Outside, so you can move through time.
Then when you Open Your Eyes and turn inside out,
then suddenly you can move through Space
but you are stuck in Time!
Out of each Springs a New Trinity with three Dimensions:
Space creates LENGTH , divisible in Width and Height.
Time creates PRESENT, divisible in Past and Future.
Making the experience of Nothing the cause of Everything in the Infinite Tunnelvision wherefrom All of Creation is Born:
ad infinitum...

Heaven on Earth


Squaring the Circle


The Lightness of Being,
produces all Matter.
So give from your Empty Heart,
for NO REASON at all,
you have NOTHING to lose,
and EVERYTHING to gain!
It's a cheap trick!
Think Glow Ball,
act Loco!!!
This is how I live in Lux Extatica,
without any income,
for years,
and wish for whatever,
by letting it be,
at the Round Hoop of Eternity,
It's Fun to be a Fool!
May it be the New Trend!
The more you give,
the more you can give,
never reaching,

the End.

Sharing equals Dividing.
Dividing equals Multiplying.
Conquer the World,
by Sharing the World.

The existence of the Zero is an interference pattern all by itself, that Causes Friction and Generates Energy, Matter, Time and Space.
No more is needed to build a Universe.
Out of this combination of Unity and Duality springs the Well of Creation,
like a Portal to Infinity.
The Spectrum of All Possibilities opens up out of this Paradox,
like Pandorra's Box!
For this reason we see a Rainbow where Two become One.
But Only with the Sun in your Back!
Choose God's Perspective.
When you Align your Self with the Source of Light.
No Left, Wrong, nor Right.
Only then you see the Full Range of Colours.
Then when You get High (fysically, mentally or in hierarchy),
You can see there is NO END TO THE RAINBOW!
The Rainbow is actually ROUND.
So WHOEVER told you there is a POT OF GOLD at the End of the Rainbow,
must have been LYING to you!
It was probably the same person that said it is WRONG to GET HIGH!
That person is You.
There is No Gold in No Future.
The PRESENT offers ALL.
And the Garden has no FENCE around it.
Just a Gard at the Gate.
That Gard is You.
Dividing Infinity with Your Flaming Sword of Consciousness.

I, myself have actually seen that the rainbow is round,
when seen from the top of a high mountain,
and I have pictures with My Shadow in the Empty Center of Creation.
Just as You can see Yours there.


(the Serpent speaks from the Heart with a Split Tongue about Beginning, End and Infinity)


For this reason to the Celtic Druids, the Cycle of Creation springs from Darkness with Samhain on November First.
May First is the second most important holiday of the year and celebrates the Fruits of this Darkness: Light, Love, Life and Creation, the Other Half of the Hoop.
Then came the Romans...
The Romans had a policy of conquering by translating the existing culture, thereby making it their own.
The people accepted the new name, because it did'nt seem to change much,
then came the taxes...
They devoted the festival to the worship of Flora, the goddess of flowers and the season of spring.
Flora was married to Favonius, the God of the Wind of Change and Tranceformation.
He acts as the Mediator between Flora, and her companion Hercules, Paragon of Masculinity.
In her honor a five day celebration called the Floralia was held that would start around April 29 and end on the 3rd of May.
The Floralia symbolized the renewal of the cycle of life, marked with dancing, drinking, and flowers and was celebrated with a set of games known as the Ludi Florales containing theatrical entertainment, mimes and naked actresses.
During this celebration Flora is honered with floral wreaths worn in the hair much like modern participants in May Day celebrations.
Flora was depicted by the Romans wearing light spring clothing, holding small bouquets of flowers, sometimes crowned with blossoms.
Honey, made from flowers, is one of her gifts, and her name is said to be one of the secret (holy) names of Rome.
Ovid identifies her with the Greek flower-nymph Chloris, whose name means "yellow or pale green", the color of spring.
Due to her association with plants, her name in modern English also means plant life.

Then came the Roman Church...
And re-Christened it Easter Sunday, for the Sun rises in the East, the basic Orient-ation point to All of Life.
They celebrate the Resurection of Christ, the Sun of God.
With the Egg symbolising the New Cycle of Life.

Then Saint Walpurga, was born in Devon about 710...
Due to her holy day falling on Belthane, her name became associated with the celebrations, and it was re-re-christened 'Walpurga' as early Christianity had a policy of 'Christianising' pagan festivals so it is perhaps no accident that St. Walpurga's day was set to May First.
Walpurga was honored in the same way the Vikings had always celebrated spring and as they spread throughout Europe, the two dates became mixed together and created the Walpurgis Night celebration.
In the Norse tradition, Walpurgisnight is considered the "Enclosure of the Fallen".
It commemorates the time when Odin died to retrieve the knowledge of the runes, and the night is said to be a time of weakness in the boundary between the living and the dead.
Bonfires were built to keep away the dead and chaotic spirits that were said to walk among the living then.
This is followed by the return of Light and the Sun as celebrated during May Day.Then came the Illuminati...
Or was it Them all along?
Holland feels like partying too around May First,
so continuing the policy of conquering by translating,
the Sun-Powered first day of May is turned into a celebration of the Conquerer.
The festival was re-re-re-Christened Queensday (Koninginnedag), after the birthday of the former Queen of Holland, Juliana van Oranje, and continued to be celebrated on that day even after queen Juliana had passed on the batton of Power to her daughter Beatrix van Oranje, who had her Firstborn on 28th of April to keep Up the Tradition!
In stead of honoring the Sun with Fire, the whole country dresses up in ORANGE (the color of the Sun), and parties AS EVER on May First, as the name 'van Oranje' means 'of Orange' in Dutch.
A convenient mix-up for Some, resulting in honoring the Royal Family as Earthly representatives of the Mighty Sun<------clickit!
Then came Illumination...
The BIG HOOP: 26000 cycles of Earth round the Sun to align for a peek through the Veil to see our OWN FACE reflected in the EMPTY CENTER of the GALAXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are the Light that shines Now and Forever in the Hollow Center of Gods Hand of Creation
Join The Light at the Round Hoop on Funny Farm 'de Sollenburg', meaning: House of Many Suns or Multidimensional Universe = Multiverse.
- The only Space in Time where All can Shine -B THERE / B SQUARE

When the Vibe is Light,
the Flow will Follow!
Remember For Ever?
Power Flower of Love is Far Out and With In.
-Now Here On Earth-

How to get to the Funny Farm?
show Funny Farm on the map

Route Description:

We have a little private ferry-boat to carry you to the Other Side of the River Amstel!
That means you can take public tranceport all the Way!
If you take bus 149 from Amstelveen Bus Station, it can drop you off at cafe' de Zwarte Kat', then our ferry takes you across the River, and delivers you right at our Doorstep!!!!!


There is a VW Tranceporter to pick you up between 21.00 and 00.00 from Oranjebaan - Amstelveen (stop for tram 5, metro 51, and bus 300)

Best Tip for Self Supporting Travellers:

With bike and public tranceport: You can take your bike in the metro 51 and then get out at Oranjebaan and cycle to the Funny Farm in 20 minutes.
Without bike by public transport: Take tram 5, or metro 51 from central station to Amstelveen, get out at Oranjebaan and walk for 50 min.
or: take the red bus number 300 from Bijlmer station (amsterdam zuid-oost) and get out in the village Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and then walk to the farm (40 min)

By bike or car all the way: Follow the Amstel river to the south until you see the sign "Ouderkerk aan de Amstel", then cross the river to the left over the bridge.
After the bridge turn right into the village. Go straight until the cafe. Turn right at cafe.

Important : Cross little bridge between the two big churches! (or else you take the Hoop the wrong way and add 16.18 km to your Quest!)
Then follow signs "Rondehoep West" until you reach number 49

If you come in the weekend the ferry can take you across the Amstel river from 12:00 till 17.45.
In that case you can take bus No 149 from Amstelveen Bus Station, and arrive right across the farm near Cafe 'de Zwarte Kat', and then take the ferry (costs 75 cents).
From there it's only 3 minutes walking to the Funny Farm.



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