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Saturday, February 14, 2009

knot related movieclips

Why Power Flower? What is Stella Metaflortex Pinealis? David Wilcock explains in:
The 2012 Enigma

need for powerflowers now!!!

beautifull documentary about fractals: how a simple formula can generate a whole universe

the simple formula behind our universe

Dan Winter, connects the dots and uses clear visuals, showing the fysics of love, life and beauty, caused by perfect distribution, self-reference and compression in phi ratio of the flow of power

click here for the power point visuals showing what he is talking about

Drunvalo Melchizedek initiated me around 02-02-2002 through his books, talks about Sacred Geometry, Merkaba and the Flower of Life

Drunvalo & Dan Winter, together in Egypt!

do not go nuts, do knots or doughnuts and click it!!!

anti gravity

candy of creation

how it All connects to knots

what's a knot and what not?

This is impossible!!!

more amazement...

movie made by Bliep travelling to the Funny Farm by paper plane on the Day out of Time.

Ian Xel Lungold explains about the evolution of conscienceness:

Terrence McKenna, calling it Time Wave Zero on:

beautifull mini-doc to tune in to 2012

and a certain must see to believe: how sound shapes matter:

David Icke explains how it All works:

and how thoughts shape matter:

and who's thoughts shaped these patterns?

video feedback patterns:

and other fractals:

dark & light power:

Starseed seeking starseeds to awaken:

Rainbow's Pot of Gold:

and how it all connects:

Planet Sauvage Animation

to get happy click here

Monty Python's Revenge

more truth and beauty put to music:

David Icke explains some more about his brother...

controlled plasma

super robots

& cyborgs

power of waves

Spirit of Ma'at Filmfestival by Drunvalo Melchizedek (the man behind the Flower Of Life)

and the rabbi said:

what's a wombat?

Bill Hicks Relentless Revelations Rock!!!

New Age Travellers: Operation Solstice. Documentary putting the fight for/against rave-party's back into the age-old context of oppression: DO NOT GATHER OR UNITE (divide and conquer)

Quetzalquatl's Return: New evidence shows not even our mighty Sun is self-sustaining, but part of it All.

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  1. thanks a lot for all this enlightening information!


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